How do I Choose the Best Boutique Fixtures?

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Choosing the best boutique fixtures is a process of finding fixtures that will accommodate the type and quantity of merchandise that the boutique carries. It is also important for the fixtures to fit in with the aesthetic of the boutique. If the boutique is just opening, this will take more planning as the boutique owner or manager will have to estimate the amount of merchandise they will have on the boutique floor at a given time. If the boutique is part of a franchise or if it has been in operation for a number of seasons already, choosing fixtures can be based on sales history instead of estimations.

In addition to being able to accommodate a specific range of merchandise quantity, it is also important for boutique fixtures to be able to accommodate the type and size of the merchandise. A boutique that carries mostly trend jewelry will need quite a number of fixtures that can display earrings, necklaces, and bracelets effectively. If, on the other hand, a boutique sold high-end jewelry, then it would need cases that could lock in order to protect the jewelry from theft. Larger items, such as handbags, need an entirely separate set of boutique fixtures.


It is important to choose boutique fixtures that are rather sturdy, especially if they will be holding a number of heavy items such as winter coats or evening gowns. Sturdy fixtures are often made out of metal or wood. They sometimes have tempered glass components. No matter what materials are used to make the boutique fixtures, it is important to choose fixtures that fit in well with the color scheme and aesthetic of the store. A store that specializes in trendy mens wear, for example, will have very fixtures that are very different in style and design than the fixtures that might be found in a store that caters to pre-teen girls.

Those who are trying to save on boutique fixtures should search for used fixtures. These can be found through online forums and through organizations that help to find second homes for professional fixtures and furnishings. This is a good option for people who are going into business for the first time and are trying to save on the costs of setting up their businesses. Wooden fixtures can be painted or re-painted to make them look new and to help them to blend in with the other colors in the store.


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