How do I Choose the Best Bodybuilding Programs?

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A bodybuilding enthusiast spends hours working on physical fitness programs designed to improve the look of his body. These individuals have several exercise routines that are designed to build muscle and reduce overall body fat. The best bodybuilding programs are particularly designed to focus on all muscle groups with additional fat burning cardio programs. Bodybuilding also requires dedication and focuses on diet and nutrition.

A beginning body builder should start with a basic full body workout routine. This is one of the better bodybuilding programs to stimulate his body into a transformation process. He should plan to exercise four or five times per week, with each workout lasting approximately one hour. The program should be a comprehensive full body workout including all muscle groups. Each large muscle group should be split on odd days to allow adequate time for recovery.

Recovery time is typically faster for the beginner. He will typically produce quicker initial gains then an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder. This is because his body is adapting to the new stimulus and reacting by producing the muscles quickly. As the body adjusts to a workout program, additional training exercise and planning will be required to continue growing and shaping the bodybuilder.


Exercise and bodybuilding programs should be adjusted every six weeks. This causes muscle confusion, which helps the body continue to develop and grow muscle. Each six-week cycle should include different weight angles and additional stress load on muscle groups.

An intermediate bodybuilder will require additional recovery time. He will need the additional time to allow the body to repair from the extensive workout sessions required by heavy weightlifting. The best bodybuilding programs for an intermediate bodybuilder include three sessions per week with specific muscle groupings per session.

A good bodybuilding technique for an intermediate weight lifter is split sets with compound weight movements in conjunction with isolation movements. Compounds weightlifting is performed by executing an exercise that uses more then one muscle to lift a weight. A good compound example is a pull-up. This exercise uses the shoulders, triceps, and biceps muscle groups. By using a pull-up as a bicep compound movement, the bodybuilder is able to burn more muscle fibers in the bicep area.

Split sets are the process of exercising sections of the body on specific workout sessions. By using split sessions on three days per week rotation, adequate time will be made available for recovery. The best bodybuilding programs should include chest and back on one session with shoulders and legs on another session. Each day should only include one large muscle group with several secondary supporting muscles.

Advanced bodybuilding is typically reserved for individuals who have been exercising for several years. They work with all the known bodybuilding technqiues, which include split sets, compound weights, and six-week cycles. The advanced bodybuilding programs will typically add the routines of high-intensity speed training and slow-repetition training within their cycles.


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