How do I Choose the Best Bodybuilding Clothes?

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Choosing the best bodybuilding clothes can be confusing. There is a lot of contradictory information about what kind of clothing is best—for instance, should it encourage or discourage sweating? There are also many different cuts and styles of clothing. To start, choosing the right bodybuilding clothing should take into account whether it will be for general workouts or for competition.

Bodybuilding clothes primarily worn during training should be chosen with your workout in mind. Most workouts involve short, repetitive movements, so your clothing should be loose and comfortable enough for the body to move in all directions. Clothing that fits too tightly may chafe or be generally uncomfortable.

Choosing bodybuilding clothes with loose cuts is also important hygienically. There are many contradictory notions about how workout clothes should handle sweat, especially regarding whether they should wick it away or "hold it in." Some sources recommend avoiding sweating through tight-fitting clothing to burn more calories. Others state that fabrics drawing the sweat away from the skin will have the same effect by encouraging more sweating.

To avoid heat rashes, it is important that your clothing wicks away sweat and allows air to circulate around your limbs. Tight, sweaty clothing may also be itchy and uncomfortable, distracting you during a workout. Spandex and wicking cotton are thus adequate fabric choices for workout clothing.


The style of your bodybuilding clothes becomes a consideration when taking part in bodybuilding competitions. Though the purpose of this clothing is generally to help you look your best, a proper fit, rather than a tight fit, should be the first consideration. Even if an article of clothing is designed to cling to the body, your costume shouldn't cut into your flesh or make you look uncomfortable.

Once you have an idea of which clothes have the proper fit, you will need to think about color. If you lack well-developed fashion skills, a good rule to follow when choosing bodybuilding clothes is to harmonize the shade with your skin tone. You may also need to take the competitions' guidelines into consideration. Bodybuilding clothes usually need be street legal while showing off your toned physique.

Developing a sense of what bodybuilding clothes look the best on you is the same as developing a style with any other type of clothing. You will need to shop around, trying on many different outfits to see which best flatter your body type. Looking at photos of models dressed in bodybuilding clothes, taking notes during competitions, and talking with other bodybuilders about the choices they make will also help you gain perspective on which styles are the best for you.


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