How do I Choose the Best Biotechnology School?

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A biotechnology school teaches future geneticists and medical researchers about the intersection of living matter and technology. The best school for biotechnology has research centers and facilities that allow you to pursue your academic interests. You may be able to transition from an undergraduate degree into employment through university affiliations with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Your ideal biotechnology program can help you advance in the field with a variety of specializations and advanced degree options. You should also look at aid opportunities that decrease your educational costs as you choose the best biotechnology school.

Your ideal biotechnology school goes beyond basic classrooms and laboratories to provide advanced training. You can take a university tour and ask to see biotechnology facilities before you submit an application. You might discover dedicated computer labs with software and hardware that simplifies the research process. A biotechnology school may also house research institutes that focus on genetic applications in medicine, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. A research institute can provide internship and research opportunities as you proceed toward graduation.


You might be able to find a biotechnology school that has connections with local businesses and non-profit organizations. These collaborations may yield endowed scholarships that can help pay for your tuition. A partnership between a biotechnology school and a pharmaceutical company can lead to new lab equipment. The greatest benefit of these partnerships might be internship and employment opportunities in the biotechnology industry. You may be able to leverage a school's partnerships with local laboratories and hospitals to enhance your career prospects.

Another criterion for choosing the best biotechnology school is the opportunity for academic advancement. An undergraduate degree in biotechnology might not be enough to find work after graduation; you should look for a biotechnology school with graduate programs in biotechnology that can strengthen your academic credentials. You can also search for a school with certificate programs in specialized areas of biotechnology research. The best biotechnology school might also house journals and publications that solicit articles from students.

The cost of a biotechnology degree can be quite expensive for the typical student. You need to contact a school's financial aid department to ask about aid options for biotechnology students. You might find scholarships and grants that are distributed to promising applicants in the biotechnology program. You can apply for travel and research grants to support your undergraduate research. The best program might also offer teaching assistantships, research positions, and fellowships if you decide to pursue a graduate degree.


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