How do I Choose the Best Biology Internship?

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An education in biology is a diverse way to begin a career applying science in any number of fields. One of the best ways to discover what to do with a biology degree is to get a biology internship. There are many internships to choose from, including those in the biomedical field, naturalist field, industry field and maritime field. By understanding what you like best about this science and knowing what you'd like to do for a living, you will be able to choose the best internship.

If you plan on combining your love of science with a career in the medical industry, you might want to pursue a biomedical biology internship. These include a wide spectrum of responsibilities but generally revolve around performing research either in a laboratory or on a computer. Possible fields include cardiovascular science, cancer research, stem cell research and more. Contacting local hospitals or research facilities is the best way to find these opportunities.

If your goal of becoming a biologist requires a little more fresh air and sunshine, seeking out a naturalist biology internship can be a rewarding opportunity. There are many types of internships that fall into this category, such as studying animal behavior, ichthyology, studying native plants or even environmental pollution and its effects. Many universities offer internships and fellowships in these various fields, and an Internet search can result in many opportunities. These internships might require you live in a new city during the internship.


Biology careers don't have to be strictly scholarly, and a great way to learn about opportunities outside of academia is by choosing an industry-related biology internship. Many for-profit companies offer a science internship because they have many research needs regarding new product development, the effects of products on customers and other jobs related to consumer goods. These frequently are paid internships, and they can be found by going directly to a company's employment website.

Marine biology is another field of study that frequently offers a biology internship. If you have a love of aquatic life and sea creatures, choosing these internships can be very rewarding. Jobs can include caring for animals directly, performing research and testing to unlock the scientific mysteries about the lives of these creatures. Internships frequently are offered by marine research departments of various universities, and you will have to do some researching on your own to discover what colleges have the facilities to offer marine biology internships.


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