How do I Choose the Best Bidet Seat?

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The bidet, a bathroom fixture similar in look to a toilet and used most often to wash the genitals, is an affordable and hygienic alternative to the cost and waste of toilet tissue. Bidets have long been popular in parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, but they are growing in popularity elsewhere. As they become more common, the bidet seat is a popular way to have a bidet in your home without needing additional space and without having to install additional plumbing.

There are many styles of bidet seat on the market, including a full bidet seat designed to fit a bathroom toilet and an electric toilet seat with a built-in bidet function. Nearly all types of bidet seat come equipped with a minimum number of standard functions. Standard features include warm water dispensing, posterior and anterior nozzles, and a warm air dryer. All seats have a deodorizing feature and are typically molded from anti-microbial plastic. Many types of bidet seat offer wired or wireless remote controls, while others use convenient button controls located near the rear of the seat.


A bidet seat can be as basic or as futuristic as you would like, and it can span a wide range of prices. More expensive options include features such as a heated seat, a self-cleaning function and a built-in water filter. Other seats are enhanced by superior features with multiple settings. Top-of-the-line seats may offer different warm water settings or even the possibility of unique water nozzles and streams with pulsating or oscillating functions. One also can buy a bidet seat equipped with a warm air fan that has various speed and temperature settings.

Some electric seats are eco-friendly and use sensors to monitor usage frequency and, thus, better control odor and cleanliness. If one is looking for a seat for a less mobile person who might need help bathing, a bidet seat with a hydraulic lift also can be found. Some bidet seats also have safety settings that require a minimum weight for functions to be in use.

The most important aspect to consider before making your final purchase is the shape and size of your toilet. Toilet seats come in varying shapes, shades, and materials. Bidet seats are available for round, oval and elongated toilets, and come in different lengths, widths, and colors. It may be useful to visit a home store and look at several styles of seat to find the most suitable and aesthetically appealing option for you and your family or business.

Before finalizing your purchase, be sure to check the product specifications, including the shape, bolt spread, and dimensions, to ensure a proper and secure fit for your toilet. It is also necessary to keep in mind that most bidet seats require a standard three-prong electrical outlet to be accessible nearby.


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