How do I Choose the Best Bicep Workouts?

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There are a number of different bicep workouts available, so choosing the best one can seem overwhelming. Fitness experts will offer several types of exercises when asked what that they think is best. Your workout goals, the amount of time you want to spend working out, your workout preference, and your fitness level are four important factors you need to consider before choosing the best bicep workouts for you.

Knowing your ultimate goal is essential when choosing the right bicep workout. Your workout goal can help you narrow your exercise choices so you can pick the right exercise that will help you achieve it. Some of the common goals include increasing strength, building bicep size, and improving the appearance of isolated muscles.

Exercises used for increasing strength are often different from those designed for building size. This is why bodybuilders workout differently than powerlifters. Strength-building focuses on heavy weights and explosive movements. Multiple joint exercises and long rest times are also generally preferred when increasing strength.

To build bicep size, you should work out using a relatively lighter weight with higher repetitions compared to what you would lift when primarily looking to increase strength. Rest times between bicep exercises should be shorter to completely exhaust the muscles. For isolated muscles, single joint exercises like the reverse E-Z bar curl, allow you to focus on specific bicep muscles to ensure balanced growth.


Your workout duration can dictate the number of exercises you can do. A wider variety of bicep workouts is available to those who can spend longer hours at the gym. If you only have a short time to spare, you might want to consider doing supersets or compound exercises to give your biceps a full workout.

A superset is designed to exhaust muscles in a short interval of time. It contains two different bicep workouts performed in a row without resting in between. Compound or multiple joint exercises let you work out your biceps while exercising a bigger muscle group, like the back.

Your workout preference will also dictate how your bicep program is designed. These preferences may include the pace of the workout and the number of exercises performed. Some people prefer compound exercises over isolated ones, and some people prefer dumbbells over barbells.

Misjudging your current fitness level is the most common mistake bodybuilders make. Overestimating your fitness level could lead to injury, which can set your workout program back for weeks or months. Underestimating your level, on the other hand, will not fully exhaust your muscles during your bicep workouts, which can slow their growth. It is best to consult with a fitness coach or a personal trainer if you are unsure of you fitness level.


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