How do I Choose the Best Belt Organizer?

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Anyone with a sizable collection of belts may find that they tend to be cumbersome to store on a typical clothes rack or drawer. One solution for this problem is to purchase a belt organizer for a closet or other interior space. These neat devices help to keep a series of belts in good condition, and also keep them out from underfoot and generally out of the way. To choose the best belt organizer, look at all of the installations and features that are available and fit them to your particular needs.

One of the biggest steps for choosing the best solution is to look at the exact space that you have available. The belt organizer needs to fit into the maximum width and height for an area. Otherwise, it won’t be as useful. Buyers can choose from several different types of devices that work in different ways. One is a hanging belt organizer that may attach to hooks on a wall or ceiling. Another is a floor standing belt organizer that rests securely on the ground.

Aside from wall mounted or floor standing belt organizers, buyers can also choose advanced features. Some revolving belt organizers or other designs allow for more versatility, and easily display different items to the person who is sorting through their belts to decide what to wear. Hanging belt organizers might also feature neat options for sorting or selection.


In addition to all of the various styles and features for belt organizers, structural design is very important. To choose the best product, make sure that the various parts of the organizer are made securely and do not get loose or wobble. The best belt organizer models often combine metal parts with well-made plastic parts for a more durable and sturdy result.

The buyer can also choose how they want the belts to be stored. The most common is a hanging belt system, where the entire belt is visible from in front of the unit. There are also “disc storing” systems where the belt gets coiled for storage. While disc belt storing systems are more compact and space efficient, they may require more effort, since a belt that is not in use has to be carefully coiled and stowed away, rather than just hung on a hanger.

Overall, the buyer should look at how much they get for their money. The idea is that the cheapest solution is not always the best. The best belt organizer will suit your needs, and give you the most functionality for your money.


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