How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Mirror?

Dan Cavallari

The first decision you will need to make when choosing the best bedroom mirror is whether you want a freestanding mirror, a bolt-on mirror, or a vanity mirror. Freestanding mirrors generally sit on the floor and are full-length, meaning you will be able to see your entire body in the mirror. A bolt-on or screw-in bedroom mirror will be affixed to a wall, and a vanity mirror will be affixed to a dresser or vanity. Once you have made this decision, you will then need to figure out what style, color, shape, or design you are looking for.

It's common for a person to have a bedroom mirror to check their appearance before they go out somewhere.
It's common for a person to have a bedroom mirror to check their appearance before they go out somewhere.

Try to choose a bedroom mirror that will fit in with the aesthetics of the other furniture in the room. The materials do not necessarily need to be identical, but a mirror that either looks similar to other furniture or complements the other furniture in the room will fit well. The frame of the bedroom mirror may be made out of wood, metal, or even glass; consider which material will be most aesthetically pleasing for you as well as durable enough for long-lasting use. If the bedroom mirror you choose is freestanding, be sure the legs feature some sort of rubber feet that will prevent scratching on wood floors; if the bedroom floors are carpeted, this is not much of an issue.

Freestanding bedroom mirror models usually swivel on a joint at the center of the mirror. This means the mirror comes with two parts: the stand and the mirror itself. This design will allow you to adjust the mirror when necessary so you can view your entire body or just part of your body. Choose a mirror with a well-built base and a high-quality joint that will allow you to easily adjust the mirror whenever you wish. The mirror itself should be thick enough that it will not warp or bend, thereby distorting your image.

Mirrors that screw into or bolt onto walls have a tendency to warp or bend, distorting your image and making the mirror less useful. Whenever possible, choose a wall mirror that features mounting brackets instead of screw holes in the mirror frame itself. This will prevent warping while still securing the unit to the wall safely. If the mirror does not feature such brackets, you may be able to buy some brackets aftermarket to fit with the mirror you have purchased, though compatibility may be an issue.

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