How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Drapes?

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Before you go shopping for bedroom drapes, take measurements of your window so you will obtain the correct fit. You should also try to match the style and color to your room's decor. You can choose bedroom drapes that are mass produced or have them custom made by a drapery company. When choosing the material of your bedroom drapes, consider something easy to care for. Rather than selecting bedroom drapes that require dry cleaning, a drip-dry material will save you time and money.

After measuring the length and width of your bedroom windows, write down the measurements and take this iformation with you when you shop. Measuring your windows may be the easiest part of your task, as decision making can be tougher. For some people, bedroom drapes may be useful for nothing more than providing privacy, although drapes can offer versatility as well. For instance, if you enjoy playing music or watching television in your bedroom and do not want to disturb others, drapes with a heavy lining might provide some sound insulation. While draperies cannot provide total sound proofing, those that are properly lined can help block noise.

Silk drapes add a touch of elegance to a room's interior design, and are a good choice for traditional decor. The delicate fabric can become easily damaged, however. Most cotton or rayon draperies require less maintenance and may be cleaned in the washing machine.


If your bedroom is in a sunny area of the house, you might prefer insulated drapes to block the sun and keep your room cool. Insulated drapes will also keep warm air from escaping during the winter months, and can help save on heating costs. Thermal drapes are another good choice for insulation. Ask a sales representative to recommend energy-efficient drapes if this is a concern for you.

Bedroom drapes for a child's room should reflect his personality, as well as match the interior design. Many girls prefer pastel colors, while boys might prefer bolder tones. The decision should be based on the child's preference, as he will be spending many hours in his bedroom.

It's not advisable to purchase draperies online, because it's difficult to determine how the material will look and feel. When shopping for bedroom drapes, it's easier to make your decision after feeling the material in your hands. If you must buy your draperies over the Internet, inquire about return policies.


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