How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Door Handles?

G. Wiesen

When considering bedroom door handles, you should typically think about what type of door handle you want to have on your doors and what style or material you prefer. There are many different types of handles you can use, though one of the most common is a door knob that features a single, circular or oval handle. Door levers are also quite common and popular, and are shaped more like a long, horizontal handle than a round knob. You should also consider what materials or finishes you like and choose bedroom door handles that match your décor and aesthetic preferences.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Bedroom door handles are devices used to open or close a bedroom door, usually by twisting the handle to move a latch into or out of the door frame. These handles can feature locks, often called security or privacy handles, and are typically more stylized or decorative than main entryway handles. You should consider bedroom door handles that are designed as knobs, as these are quite common and easy to use. These handles are basically round in shape, usually featuring a simple circular or oval design, and often include a lock that can be pushed in on the knob itself.

You might also consider bedroom door handles that are designed as levers, rather than simple knobs. These handles are created more like the handle of a wrench or other tool, with a long handle that is horizontally oriented. This makes these handles easier to grip than knob designs, especially for older people or anyone who may have difficulty strongly gripping a smooth, round surface. These types of bedroom door handles can also have locks that can easily be pushed in on the handle, though some also feature mechanisms that twist into or out of locking position.

Once you know what style of bedroom door handles you want to use, you should consider different materials or finishes for your handles. You should consider who is likely to use these handles, since you might not want a highly reflective finish for door handles used by children. The bedroom door handles you choose should also complement the rest of the décor or aesthetic choices you have made in your bedroom design. While the door handles are certainly a very small component of a bedroom, coordinating little touches like these with the rest of your space can create a greater sense of cohesion within the overall environment.

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