How do I Choose the Best Bedroom Curtains?

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When choosing bedroom curtains, one of the first things that you should consider is color. Even within the correct color range, you want to make sure that the curtains you choose reflect the personality of the individual in the bedroom where they will be hung. Also, considering your lighting and privacy preferences will help you to decide how thick your bedroom curtains should be.

Consider the color of the walls when you choose your bedroom curtains. They do not have to be the same color, but they should be a complementing shade. While you are considering colors, you also need to think about your bedding. Some people believe that the curtains and bedding should be the same. It is not always necessary to purchase these items as a set, but your bedroom curtains should definitely blend in. This includes not only selecting the appropriate color but also choosing a comparable texture.

Decorations can have a major impact on a room. For this reason, it is recommended that bedroom curtains should reflect the personality of the individuals in the room. Considering this, designs are an important factor. Some designs simply are not the best choices for certain rooms. There are some curtains, for example, that may make a child’s room feel too mature.


When choosing bedroom curtains, it can be important to determine how much you like sunshine, especially in the morning. People who like to wake up in a bright room or who like sunlight waking them up are likely to prefer sheer curtains. People who like to sleep in darkness and those who are subject to migraines are likely to prefer curtains that are made from much heavier material. The thickness of your bedroom curtains also controls the amount of privacy that you will have. If you want exposure at some times and a high level of privacy at others, you should consider thick curtains hung with sheer panels underneath.

Another thing to consider when choosing curtains is price. You may be surprised to find that you do not need to spend excessive amounts of money to get curtains that you like. You should look for deals at discount stores and online before you make a final decision for high-priced curtains. Also remember that salespeople do not have to live with the bedroom curtains that they sell you. Make sure that you are not pressured into purchases that you will regret later.


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Post 2

Curtains can dramatically change the feel of the room, and I like to find window curtains that add a pop of color to the room. After I have chosen the color and style, I also like to make sure they are easy to keep clean.

I want a pair of curtains that I can easily throw in to the washer and dryer and not have to worry about them looking wrinkly. It seems like it does not take long for dust to accumulate on them, and your room just feels so much cleaner when you wash and clean your curtains every so often.

Post 1

Choosing curtains for your bedroom can be a lot of fun. There are so many kinds to choose from, that it can be hard to narrow it down to just one style. Bedroom curtains and window treatments can be very simple and do not have to cost a ton of money.

I think it is just as important to have a good set of blinds. If you are a light sleeper and light bothers you, you will be sure and want to have a good set of blinds that keeps the light out. It is much easier for me to open and close the blinds than to mess with curtains. I will usually have a valance and a curtain panel on each side of the window with a good set of blinds.

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