How do I Choose the Best Bed Wetting Pad?

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Choosing the best bed wetting pad means choosing the pad that will best suit your needs. Fortunately, there are many different styles of waterproof bedding available. Depending on your situation, you might want disposable pads designed to cover a portion of your bed, or you might need more durable waterproof overlays you can use more than once. You can purchase bed wetting pads and other types of waterproof bedding from both on- and offline venues. Some health insurance programs or medical assistance plans might provide coverage, reimbursement, or delivery of these pads.

Before you can start shopping for the best bed wetting pad, you have to know the kinds of options available and which of those options are best suited for you. For example, if you want a disposable product, look for individual pads in sizes suited for your body shape and size. These kinds of pads are similar to those used in hospital settings and are usually sold in bulk packages. Disposable bed wetting pads are practical options if involuntary urination at night doesn’t occur often, or if washing the bedding every day isn’t practical. If used often, though, these kinds of pads can get expensive.


If you want something that will last longer and possibly help you save money, consider more durable waterproof bedding. Many bed wetting pad styles are designed to be wiped clean or laundered in a washing machine. If nighttime bed wetting occurs infrequently, you might consider waterproof overlays made of plastic or a similar material and designed to fit your mattress like a fitted sheet. When nighttime bed wetting occurs more often, it might be more practical to choose a bed wetting pad made of cotton or another absorbent material that can be washed as needed. You can find these kinds of pads in versions designed to lie on top of your sheets, or with wings that allow you to tuck them under your mattress and secure them to the bed.

Where you shop for the pads will depend on which kind of bed wetting pad you choose, but you can find many styles at medical supply stores, health and wellness stores, and even department stores. You can also order bed wetting pads and waterproof bedding online. If you have health insurance, your coverage provider might cover a portion or all of the costs of the pads. Some medical assistance programs might also have plans in place to help you pay for the pads, or even regularly deliver them to your home. Before you begin shopping for any kind of waterproof bedding, talk with your doctor, your health insurance agent, or the director of your assistance program about your options.


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