How Do I Choose the Best Bed Sheets?

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When setting out to choose the best bed sheets, consider the size of the sheets, the style, the thread count, and the material from which the sheets are made. The size and style of the sheets depends on the bed they are intended for as they should be large enough to adequately cover the bed. If you like, the style of the sheets can be matched with the rest of the bedding. Remember to consider the thread count of the sheets and the material from which they are made in order to find the bed sheets that will be the most comfortable for you.

The bed sheets you select should be large enough to cover the entire bed, and perhaps even a bit larger for those who enjoy tucking in the edges along the mattress. Bed sheets can be found in a variety of styles, from plain white to nearly any other color. This is convenient if you wish to match a new set of bed sheets to blankets, pillowcases or other bedding that you already owns. Patterned sheets are also made in a wide variety of designs, ranging from simple flower patterns to complex or artful designs.


Thread count refers to the density of the threads in the fabric, and sheets with fewer threads generally have a coarser feel whereas a larger number of threads increases the softness of the sheets. The thread count number is generally determined by counting the number of threads woven together within a single square inch (6.25 sq cm) of the fabric, both horizontally and vertically. The ply of the fabric may also be a factor when choosing the best bed sheets, although this is largely a matter of what one finds the most comfortable. Single-ply sheets are generally lighter and thinner, while double-ply sheets are thicker, heavier, and possibly more durable. This decision may be based on temperature conditions as single-ply sheets may be more comfortable during the warmer months of the year, and double-ply sheets may serve to keep one warmer during the winter.

Bed sheets are typically made out of cotton, and the type of cotton may be a factor in deciding which sheets one finds the most appealing. The most frequently used grade of cotton for sheets is referred to as standard, or upland, cotton. Egyptian cotton is generally considered to be very high quality because of its softness and pleasant appearance. Another option is Pima cotton, also popular for its softness and often comparable in quality to properly manufactured Egyptian cotton.


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Post 5

Does anyone even use silk bed sheets? Silk is supposed to be great for skin. Apparently, it reduces wrinkles and delays skin aging. But I have no idea how anyone could sleep on silk without sliding off of it! I have silk pillowcases I never use. I tried once and my head kept slipping off and there was too much static. A mix fabric with silk and cotton could work though. That might be best actually.

Post 4

@SteamLouis-- Like the article said, fabric with fewer threads is coarser. So when you're shopping for bed sheets, you need to check the thread count and get the one with the highest count or next highest count. That's what I do.

The great thing about cotton is that it doesn't make me sweat. It feels cool to the touch and if I do sweat, it absorbs it so that the perspiration is not staying on my skin and causing me to catch a cold. Cotton also absorbs oil from skin and hair though, so it's necessary to wash cotton bed sheets and pillow cases very frequently.

Post 3

What I care about the most with my bed sheets is softness. I cannot sleep in coarse, rough materials. I have sensitive skin and I get uncomfortable very quickly. I need bed sheets that are silky soft and that do not irritate my skin in any way. I usually prefer cotton but I've learned that some cotton sheets can also be rough. I think it depends on the thread and how it was weaved. I'm sure the quality of the cotton matters too. I like Egyptian cotton the most. It's nice and soft.

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