How do I Choose the Best Bed Bug Insecticide?

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There are many types of bed bug insecticide from which you can choose. To make the best choice, you will often have to consider where you will use it and the risks to people and animals in the area. Among the pesticides that are considered best for getting rid of bed bugs are deltamethrin, hydroprene, and diatomaceous earth. In some cases, using a combination of bed bug insecticide types may prove more reliable than using just one.

Deltamethrin, which can be found in spray and powder form, is one of the most commonly used bed bug insecticides. This chemical does not have an odor and can usually be used without creating an unsightly residue wherever it is applied. It works by acting on a bed bug’s nerves and causing it to become paralyzed. It is usually combined with another chemical that ensures that the bed bug does not recover from this paralysis. This bed bug pesticide is usually safe for application where humans and most animals dwell but is dangerous for animals that live in water.


Hydroprene, which has a low level of toxicity to humans and pets, is another chemical that is effective as a bed bug insecticide. This chemical is referred to as an insect growth regulator and works by disrupting the process of metamorphosis in bed bugs. This ability makes it a good choice for slowing the growth of a bed bug population. Hydroprene may also prove helpful for reducing bed bug populations when the pests have grown resistant to other types of pesticides.

Diatomaceous earth is also among the best bed bug insecticide options. This substance is natural and comes from water plants that have fossilized. While it is not usually harmful for humans or other mammals, it can be lethal to bed bugs and other pests. To kill bed bugs, diatomaceous earth is used in dust form and has razor-sharp edges that are too small for the naked eye to see without a microscope. These edges cut into the bed bug’s covering, called an exoskeleton, and cause it to dry out, which kills the bed bug.

Using a combination of bed bug insecticides may prove more effective for getting rid of them. You may, for example, use one that kills adult bed bugs along with one that interrupts reproduction. Varying the insecticides you use may help you to get rid of them, even if they grow resistant to one of your choices.


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Post 3

When I realized that I have bed bugs in my apartment, I first bought a bed bug spray insecticide. This type is used as a spot treatment for areas that are infested. Unfortunately, it's not the best treatment. It works but it has to be used daily for many weeks and it doesn't get rid of the infestation alone. After a week of use, I ended up getting two other bed bug insecticides and using them all together. That's how I got rid of the infestation.

I'm still not sure which product or method is best for bed bugs. I spent a lot of money and had to treat the house so many times. I ended up breathing in a lot of chemicals in the process. Maybe I should have spent a weekend elsewhere and called an exterminator instead.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Diatomaceous earth is safe for humans and pets, but I still keep pets and children away and use a face mask myself because it's a very fine particle. So I think that it's possible to breathe it into the lungs.

Since the diatomaceous has to be left for at least several hours before being vacuumed to kill bed bugs, I used it when the kids and pets were out of the house. I used gloves and a face mask just to make sure I didn't breathe any in.

It worked really well and I'm happy to say that the bed bug infestation is gone thanks to diatomaceous earth. It is definitely natural and one of the safest insecticides out there. I do recommend it.

Post 1

Is diatomaceous earth safe for pets? I'm looking for a natural and safe way to get rid of bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth appears to be as safe as it gets for humans. But is it also safe for pets?

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