How Do I Choose the Best Beautician Courses?

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If you wish to become a beautician, the first step you must take is choosing and enrolling in a beautician training course. There are often several beautician courses to choose from in any given location, and determining which is best for you becomes easier when you know what to look for in a course. First of all, narrow your choices down to only those beautician courses which offer training in the area in which you wish to work. Next, verify that prospective schools are accredited, and, if necessary, find out whether they offer financial aid. Finally, look for beautician courses which provide hands-on training, and if in doubt, ask a trusted beautician for recommendations.

While there may be multiple beautician courses based in your area, it is important to note that each course may focus on a different area of specialization. One, for instance, may provide in-depth training in laser therapy, while another may focus on nail treatments. Before enrolling in a course, determine which area of cosmetology you wish to specialize in, and ensure that a prospective course offers training in that area. If you wish to receive training in several different areas, look for a general beautician studies course. Note, however, that if you take a general course, you may need further training should you later decide to specialize in an area such as laser therapy.


Many states and countries require beauticians to obtain a license before they can legally begin to work. In many cases, a license can be granted only to beauticians who have completed an accredited beautician course, completed hands-on training hours, and passed an exam. To ensure that you can become licensed once you finish your training, you should consider only those beautician courses which are accredited. Contact the admissions staff at a prospective training institute if you are unsure about a course’s accreditation status.

Beautician courses can be expensive, particularly for those who are training full time and thus cannot work. Therefore, many students find that they cannot fully meet the costs of their training course. If you think you may need financial assistance to pay for your studies, find out whether the beautician courses you are considering offer any financial aid to students.

As you narrow down your list of prospective beautician courses, you should also consider whether a course offers the opportunity for hands-on training. Unlike watching instructor demonstrations or practicing your techniques on mannequins, working with real people allows you not only to apply what you have learned in class, but also to gain experience interacting with clients. This real-world experience can add a level of distinction to your resume that may help you land your first job.

Finally, if you are still in doubt, consider asking a trusted beautician at your favorite salon for a recommendation. If she trained locally, she may be able to give you an opinion about the program she attended. Even if she did not complete her training through one of the courses you are considering, she may be able to tell you which ones seem to produce the most competent graduates.


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Post 2

@raynbow- Yes, it is very important that you sister takes all of the courses on nails that are offered in the curriculum when she attends beauty school if she wants to become a nail technician. It is necessary that she learns everything there is to know about beautifying and treating nails in a clean environment if this is the career path she wants to take. However, there are also good reasons for taking other types of beauty classes that may benefit her career.

Even though your sister wants to become a nail technician, I think that many salon positions require staff to know how to do multiple tasks. For example, she may need to help out with a client

who is getting her hair colored or one that needs makeup applied. If all she knows how to do is nails, she may be very limited if clients need other services, or she may not even be able to find a job in a salon at all.

This is why your sister should do everything possible while in beauty school to develop a well-rounded understanding of different aspects of working in the beauty industry.

Post 1

My sister wants to become a nail technician, and focus on doing manicures and pedicures, applying artificial fingernails, and doing artistic nail polish jobs. Since nail design is the only type of work she wants to do in the beauty industry, aren't courses that focus on nails all she will need to take when she attends beauty school?

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