How Do I Choose the Best Beard Styles?

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For many, growing a beard is a major decision, and choosing from the many possible beard styles may seem like a daunting task. There is no single best way to choose how to style one's beard, but the shape of one's face and the natural pattern of one's facial hair growth can provide some direction. Also, some beard styles are often associated with certain lifestyles, personalities, or activities, so one's own lifestyle may inspire a good and appropriate style. Though there are many sources of guidance, the best way to choose a good beard style generally is to experiment. Trying different styles can help one to find the beard style that best suits his preferences and face shape.

The particular shape of one's face can provide a great deal of guidance for choosing the best beard styles. Individuals with short, round faces, for instance, may want to try beard styles that are longer at the chin, as this can make such faces appear longer. Likewise, people with round faces may want to avoid beard styles that emphasize sideburns or significant beard growth on the side of the face, as this generally just makes the face look rounder. It is generally recommended that one attempt to grow his beard so that his face and beard together are roughly oval-shaped. This is not a solid and unbreakable rule, but it does provide a good starting point when choosing a beard style.


One's lifestyle may also be able to provide some direction for choosing the best beard style. An individual who works in a highly professional office setting, for instance, may wish to avoid beard styles that appear unkempt or excessive. Such an individual may instead want a short, carefully-trimmed beard that demonstrates concern for detail and professionalism. Someone trying to cultivate a "biker" look, on the other hand, may wish to grow a larger, bolder beard and may even experiment with adventurous style options such as braiding the ends of the beard.

Experimentation is the most important part of picking the best beard styles. Each person has a different face and different facial hair patterns. A beard that looks great on one face may just look strange or out of place on another person's. If a particular beard style does not look good, one should try to figure out why it does not and attempt to style his beard in a different way. Experimenting with different beard styles in this manner should help one to find a style that fits his face and his preferences well.


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Post 3

Do you guys consider mutton chops to be a beard style? If it is it is certainly one of the more unique beard styles. You almost can't help but notice a man that has huge mutton chops.

I know that some people grow and cultivate their mutton chops for years. The longer and the thicker they can grow them the better. I used to work with a guy who must have had 6 inch hair growing out of the side of his face. It was also bright red. You could see that guy from a hundred yards away in the middle of the night.

Post 2

I wish that I could grow a full on beard but my job just will not allow it. I am a cook and if I was going to wear a full beard I would have to wear a beard net at all times in the kitchen. I am willing to make sacrifices for my beard but I am not going to suffer the indignity of the beard net.

Instead of growing the full beard that I would like I usually just have a few days worth of stubble. It is not the look that I would prefer but I make do.

Post 1

A beard is a very personal thing and you can't let anyone else tell you how to style your beard. If you are looking to experiment just let your beard grow out for a few weeks and then start taking parts away.

Maybe you will wear a goatee. Maybe you will go with the soul patch or the chin strap. Maybe you will decide you only like the mustache, or that you like everything except the mustache. Get playful with it and keeping messing around with it until you find a style that you like.

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