How Do I Choose the Best Beard Shampoo?

Lakshmi Sandhana

Maintaining a beard that enhances your looks requires special care and attention, and for many, investing in a specially made beard shampoo is the way to go. Many different types of beard shampoos with numerous fragrances are available on the market. To choose the best beard shampoo, look for products that contain botanical formulas with healthy oils that nourish and condition the skin underneath the beard.

Longer beards should be shampooed and combed to keep them clean.
Longer beards should be shampooed and combed to keep them clean.

Men who maintain beards of any length may face numerous problems. For starters, using hair shampoos on the beard can leave the skin underneath quite dry. Some men even wash their beards with facial soap, and this leaves residues behind. Other men experience problems like ingrown hair or irritation from dry, flaky skin. Shaving the beard off for a while used to be the only way to cope with these issues.

Certain beard shampoos can help reduce itchiness.
Certain beard shampoos can help reduce itchiness.

Specially formulated beard shampoos can cleanse both the beard and the skin underneath gently and leave the beard soft right up to its roots. Only a few drops of beard shampoo are necessary, and continued use ensures the disappearance of any skin problems. Choosing organic or botanical beard shampoos containing mild formulas is a good option. For instance, ingredients like cocamide dea, which is a natural oil obtained from coconut kernels, helps in cleansing. Some shampoos contain extracts of wild cherry fruit to refresh the skin beneath the beard.

A shampoo containing vitamin B5 is a good choice because it helps to stimulate cell proliferation while helping out with tissue repair. The marigold flower extract is another ingredient to look out for because it has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Quillaia extract is a powerful substance that helps reduce the oiliness of skin and in healing.

Some beard shampoos contain aloe vera to help soothe and soften both beard and skin. Rosemary extracts in beard shampoo revitalize hair follicles and reduce itchiness and flaky skin conditions. If you suffer from dandruff, look for shampoos that contain a lot of organic oils. Coconut, olive, and jojoba oil are excellent nourishing oils for the sensitive skin beneath beard hair. Lime is a powerful ingredient that helps in removing oil and dirt from beard hair and in cleaning out clogged pores.

A shampoo with green tea extracts can help with deep skin conditioning. Choosing the best beard shampoo for you means figuring out what you would like to achieve first. Men may want to remove dandruff or promote hair growth or make the beard softer, and different beard shampoos may be more effective in these cases. For those looking for a shampoo to be used as a daily wash, choose one that contains only natural ingredients without chemicals like sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate.

A shampoo containing the marigold flower extract has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.
A shampoo containing the marigold flower extract has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.

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@ZipLine-- I'm not too particular about my beard shampoo. I'd just recommend getting one with a conditioner in it. Or get conditioner separately to use after shampooing. Conditioner is a must, it makes hairs very soft. It's helpful before trimming too.

I've never tried one but I have friends who use beard soap instead of shampoo. I think a natural soap with moisturizers in it, such as olive oil soap might work well.


@ZipLine-- Regular shampoo is not good for facial hair. Our face can be more sensitive than our scalp. So regular shampoo can cause dryness or allergies. In my case, regular shampoo caused acne.

I use a beard shampoo that's made by a salon brand. It's a volume shampoo so it makes my beard thicker. And I've never experienced sensitivity to it.

Beard shampoo can cost more than regular shampoo but I think it's worth it. I don't use it every day anyway. I only shampoo my beard three times a week.


I've been using regular hair shampoo for my beard. I thought it was working well in the beginning but now I think that my beard feels very dry and brittle. I think I need to invest in a beard shampoo. Any recommendations?

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