How Do I Choose the Best Beard Kit?

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You should, first, consider the coarseness and length of your beard when choosing a beard kit. The trimmer should be easy to store and use if you have a busy lifestyle or travel frequently. Other important considerations include the charging method and battery type. You should choose a beard kit that includes a trimmer with durable blades, and the manufacturer's guarantee should be looked into as well as it can be an indication of the quality of the product.

Finding the best beard kit means finding one that suits your beard and skin type. Not all beards are alike, and if you have a coarse beard you may find that you need a trimmer with more torque. This may help to reduce irritation during and after use. If a trimmer pulls at the beard, it may be a sign that the blades are either not sharp enough or that the trimmer does not have sufficient torque to trim the hair.


Consider the length of your beard when you purchase a beard kit. Many kits come with extra attachments or adaptable trimmer heads that make it easier to trim the beard to a specific length. Attachments tend to produce lengths that range from 0.05 inches (about 1.5 mm) to 0.45 inches (about 11.5 mm), allowing you to leave just a little stubble or to leave the beard a little longer. Some kits also include loose plastic forms that can be used to guide the trimmer, but these can be harder to use.

A beard kit should be easy to use and store, especially if you have to travel on a regular basis. Most kits include storage pouches that make it easy to keep all the attachments and trimmers in one place, but if you travel a lot, fewer attachments could be easier to manage. A trimmer that has an adaptable head instead of various loose attachments might be a better option.

The charger and battery type is another important consideration when buying a beard kit. Some trimmers can connect directly to a wall outlet and can be used while charging. Others come with storage stands that double as chargers. If you purchase one of these sets you won't be able to use the trimmer while it's charging.

You should also look for a kit that contains a trimmer with reasonable battery life and usage times. Trimmers that contain a lithium ion battery not only hold charges for longer but may also offer longer periods of use between charges. This may be a convenient feature if you use the trimmer away from home and need longer usage times after charging the trimmer.

Finding a kit that includes a trimmer with durable blades is also important, and you should look for either ceramic coated blades or carbon steel blades. Both these blade types are more durable than other varieties and may be better value for the money because the blades last longer. Some trimmers in beard kits have self sharpening blades. This may be helpful if you can't or don't want to spend time on trimmer maintenance.

Check the manufacturer's guarantee before you buy. The longer the guarantee period, the better. Manufacturers may guarantee products for up to two or three years, so finding a kit with a reasonable product guarantee should not be too challenging. It may be worthwhile comparing two or more models, once you've found kits that you like, to see which offers a longer guarantee.


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