How Do I Choose the Best Beard Cover?

K. K. Lowen

There are many factors that you may want to consider if you want to choose the beard cover that will best suit your needs. One of the most important aspects is how much of the beard you must cover. The manner in which the beard cover attaches to the head or face can be important as well.

Disposable beard covers may be available from the central supply of a hospital or clinic.
Disposable beard covers may be available from the central supply of a hospital or clinic.

To select the most appropriate beard cover, you should consider the intended purpose of the item. Beard covers may not have to completely cover the beard in some circumstances, cradling the bottom of the beard. Other activities may require a beard cover that fits snugly over all facial hair.

A man growing a beard.
A man growing a beard.

Beard covers often are used by workers in the food service and medical industries. When used for these purposes, there may be regulations put in place by governing bodies concerning the amount of beard that must be covered. If you are purchasing items for use by food or medical workers, it is vital to check all existing regulations, including regional, federal, and local if applicable.

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One way to choose a beard cover is to try several different kinds to see which is most comfortable and will best fit your needs. Beard covers are made from a variety of materials, such as nylon, polypropylene, and plastic, and some may be more comfortable than others. Finding a beard cover that does not scratch the skin or pull hairs is important if you intend to use the cover often. Additionally, the cover may not serve its purpose if it does not fit properly.

The way in which a beard cover attaches to the head can be important. Some utilize rubber bands that wrap around the back of the head or neck, while others may require you to tie and untie strings. Both the rubber bands and tie strings can be inconvenient because they may slip from the beard. Other covers for beards may attach to a hairnet or other hair cover. Beard covers commonly are held over a beard by loops that slide over the ears, but there may be other options for people who find the ear loops and ties uncomfortable.

Many people like to use disposable beard covers, and many professions will use only disposable covers because they are more hygienic than the washable kind. Disposable covers may cost more over time. Many people like to buy the items in bulk to save money and decrease the likelihood of running out. Single-use covers also may be entirely biodegradable, but the earth-friendly variety may cost more.

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