How Do I Choose the Best Beach-Themed Favors?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose beach-themed favors, it's a good idea to view a lot of them either in person or online so you get a good idea of what is available in the marketplace. Doing this can often help you narrow down your favorite beach favor looks, whether they are for a casual or elegant occasion. Viewing many different beach favor options can also help you compare prices. Another important consideration to make when choosing beach-themed favors is to match them to the mood or theme of the occasion.

Seashells are popular beach-themed favors.
Seashells are popular beach-themed favors.

As beach weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics and other outside events are ultimately casual thanks to their sandy outdoor environment, choosing favors that suit the atmosphere is important. If you're looking for a fun favor, inflatable beach balls custom printed with "Happy Birthday" and the guest of honor's name or a wedding couple's names with the date may work well. Other ideas for fun beach-themed favors include flip flop shaped key rings and small treasure chests to fill with candy. While you could use any type of candy to fill favor containers, keeping a seaside appeal in mind and using saltwater taffy or Life Saversreg&; can be a special touch to boost the party's theme.

A basket made using the wicker process.
A basket made using the wicker process.

Candy favors can work well for any occasion for adults or children and are usually budget-friendly. For casual company picnics or family reunions, picking small wicker picnic basket favors to fill with candy can be ideal. If you need to choose candy beach-themed favors for a more elegant occasion, look for elegantly wrapped selections. A bar of chocolate with an attractive wrapper that may include ribbon could be added to each place setting. For a wedding, a personalized wedding sticker or custom-printed sleeve could be placed on the wrapped candy bars.

Practical types of favors for beach-themed occasions such as small bottles or tubes of sunscreen can be transformed into cute little gifts by applying customized stickers. A small, ribbon-tied bag of candy could accompany these beach-themed favors. Customizable sticker labels are often available through printing companies that specialize in weddings or promotional workplace items. Typically, there are several beach-themed designs to choose from at each company, although the selection will vary depending on the business.

A possible beach-themed favor idea for elegant occasions for adults is a pretty tealight candle holder with a water theme such as a boat or seashell. These are often made from etched white glass, so they also have the benefit of fitting in with any color scheme. It's important to keep your budget in mind when choosing these types of beach-themed favors, as the more elegant items may be double the price of the casually styled ones. Taking the time to compare prices is likely to help you save money as well as find the best beach wedding favor for you.

Decorated sandals might be given as a beach-themed favor.
Decorated sandals might be given as a beach-themed favor.

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