How Do I Choose the Best Beach Theme Decor?

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Choosing the best beach theme decor begins by selecting a color scheme and a piece to serve as a focal point, such as a large aquarium or colorful bed spread. Focus on a single beach color, such as blue, or incorporate a wide range of complementary colors into your decorating scheme. Beach theme decor can range from small accessories, such as sea shells and starfish, to larger items, such as shorebird statues, surfboard benches and beach chairs. Decorate walls with splashes of color like palm tree stencils and dolphin wall hangings.

Bring beach theme decor into your bedroom through color choices and accessories. Blues, greens and browns are all beach colors suitable for walls, carpets and bedspreads. Consider a headboard or bench made from actual surfboards. For an airy feel, use wispy, light-colored or white fabrics on a canopy bed or for curtains. Ceiling fans, potted tropical plants and beach chairs can help complete the look.


Decorate walls with beach murals, including sunsets or sunrises, and hang primitive wood signs pointing the way to the beach. Hang up groups of shadow box frames containing natural beach elements, such as seashells, seahorses and sand dollars. Wall decals and stencils can be used to add dolphins, beach umbrellas and palm trees to your walls. Sea shell- and bamboo-framed mirrors, art prints and oil paintings featuring fish and beach scenes are appropriate choices for beach theme decor. Metal sculptures of cranes, flamingos and ocean creatures are also good choices.

Bathroom beach theme decor includes seahorse- and sea shell-shaped soap and rugs and towel sets with embroidered beach accents. Colorful shower curtains can feature everything from an ocean sunset or beach scene to an underwater ocean scene. Vanity items, such as toothbrush holders, tissue box covers and soap dispensers, also are available in beach decor themes.

Kitchen beach theme decor includes table clothes, chair pads and curtains inspired by the beach. Fish-shaped serving platters and plates can be displayed, as can colorful, fish-covered drinking glasses and pitchers. Beach-inspired magnets and decals can be used to decorate refrigerators and dishwashers. Salt and pepper shakers are available in the shape of dolphins, whales and starfish. Canisters and paper towel holders are also available in beach themes.

Accents, such as dolphin-shaped door knockers, table lamps with flamingo bases and shell wine bottle holders, can help create a beach atmosphere. Add statues of various sizes that are reflective of shore birds, such as pelicans, ducks and cranes. Other accents to achieve a beach theme decor include beach-inspired bookends, candle holders and vases.


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Post 3

I just had my bedroom painted in a sea breeze blue. It used to be white but I found the color to be boring. I need color in my life, not blankness.

I grew up in Florida and this particular shade of blue really reminds me of home. I feel like every other house had at least one room in it that was this color.

Post 2
Have you guys heard of Brian Wilson, the mastermind behind the Beach Boys? For a long period in the 70s and 80s he suffered from a lot of mental problems and had severe writers block. I have heard that he had a sandbox installed in his bedroom and a piano placed in the middle. The idea was that he could play the piano with his feet in the sand to remind himself of the beach.

I don't think it worked. He barely produced any music during this period of his life and most of what he did is his weakest material. It is a nice idea though and a cool story.

Post 1

Nothing makes a beach party like a beach ball. And, unlike most decorations, a beach ball does not just sit there. Eventually it ends up in the air getting passed at random between the guests.

Of course, a beach ball alone will not make a beach party. But it is crucial if you want to round out the look. You can usually find them cheaply at party supply stores.

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