How Do I Choose the Best Battery-Operated Hair Dryer?

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A battery-operated hair dryer can be a lifesaver whenever you need a quick fix. Make sure that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of a portable hair dryer, considering your own personal uses for this beauty tool. Select a hair dryer that has the features that you need, uses rechargeable batteries, is made of tourmaline or ceramic metals, and is able to harness ionic technologies.

You will have to carefully weigh the benefits and the potential pitfalls of owning a battery-operated hair dryer. As portable as they might be, most battery-operated hair dryers will not have as many comprehensive features as a traditional blow dryer. Some blow dryers will not have enough wattage due to insufficient amount of electrical power. Most battery-operated hair dryers will sacrifice certain features to make the hair dryer lightweight and easy to maneuver. Portable hair dryers tend to be supplemental, allowing individuals to blow dry their hair in a pinch, with a full-featured hair drier back at home.

Essentially, people choose a battery-operated hair dryer for portability. Make sure that the hair dryer is lightweight, being sure to choose a hair dryer that is made from plastic, or a lightweight metal material like aluminum. In addition, many portable and/or battery-operated hair dryers come with a heat-proof carrying case which can be very convenient for an on-the-go person.


Select a portable hair dryer that comes packaged with rechargeable batteries. A hair dryer that relies on disposable batteries will be costly. Hair dryers require large amounts of energy which can be costly, especially if you rely on the portability of your hair dryer on a normal basis. Make sure that the hair dryer comes with the batteries, and does not require you to purchase from a third party.

Hair dryers that utilize ceramic or tourmaline properties are a healthier option for all hair types. Hair dryers that are not manufactured with ceramic or tourmaline will create infrared heat, essentially boiling the surface of the hair follicle and leaving the inner cortex of the hair still wet. This will require repeated passes of the hair dryer, subjecting the hair to excessive heat and thereby damaging the hair. Tourmaline and ceramic components will heat the hair from the inside, making sure that the hair is eventually dry in a shorter period of time.

If your hair is extremely fragile, then invest in a battery-operated hair dryer that uses ionic technologies in conjunction with tourmaline and ceramic metals. Ionic hair dryers create negative ions to negate positively-charged hair. The negative ions will help to prevent moisture loss, subsequently causing your hair to be more polished and shiny.


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International travel is a great reason to have a battery operated hair dryer - no matter which type you choose. I remember tripping a hotel's circuit breaker in France (despite an entire bag of adapters) with a traditional hair dryer! It was not a fun way to meet the hotel owner.

I would recommend getting something lightweight and easy to use - and testing it before you pack for a trip. No matter which make or model you get, being able to use your equipment well is the first step to enjoying its benefits.

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