How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Seat?

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One of the most important things to look for when you are shopping for a bathtub seat is safety. A good bathtub seat should be slip resistant, able to support your weight, and offer back support if you need it. For comfort, the seat should have proper drainage slats and maybe even adjustable leg heights. A transfer bath seat is designed specifically for those who need to be transferred from a wheelchair to the tub and is folded up and locked in place when not in use. If you are looking for a portable bathtub seat for a child, there are many options to choose from.

Using a bathtub seat may take some getting used to, so purchasing a seat that offers adjustable leg heights may ease the transition. You also want to make sure that your seat will support your weight, so check the weight capacity of the seat you decide on. If you need upper body support, choose a bathtub seat with a wide back. Look for a seat that is made from slip resistant material and, perhaps, suction cups to help keep the seat in place in the tub. The drainage slats should offer good drainage and be comfortable enough to sit on while bathing.


If you are wheelchair bound, you may want to consider purchasing a transfer bath seat. This kind of handicapped bathtub accessory will need to be installed and is usually secured to the walls that surround the tub. Since this seat can be locked away between uses, it may be more practical than a portable bathtub seat. This kind of bathtub seat is always there when needed and may make transferring from the wheelchair to the tub easier.

Introducing the regular bathtub to a small child can be a challenge. If you have an infant or toddler in the home, a bathtub seat can make the transition to a big tub easier. These bathtub seats are usually colorful and have suction cups to safely keep the child in place. They may also come with accessories and toys attached to keep babies occupied during bath time. You will probably want to pick a portable seat that is both lightweight and easy to assemble.


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