How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Scrubber?

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When choosing the best bathtub scrubber, you should always first read the label to make sure it won't scratch your tub. Picking a scrubber with two surfaces such as a sponge on one side and an abrasive pad on the other can be great for cleaning a mildly to moderately dirty bathtub. For heavy-duty bathtub cleaning, a bristled brush with a handle, along with a good cleaning product, is often the best choice.

Some bathroom cleaning products and hand-held scrubber materials are incompatible, so again it's always important to read all labels. Also, some of the more heavy-duty cleaning products aren't recommended for bathrooms that aren't well-ventilated. For any kind of bathtub scrubber to work effectively, it's usually important to wet the surface first unless the product directions state otherwise.

For the easiest bathtub scrubbing, look for a product that requires little or no rinsing. Running a lot of water in the tub to rinse down a sudsy mess made by using a bathtub scrubber can be annoying if you get the rest of the bathroom and your clothes soaked. You can always try a few no-rinse scrubbing bathtub cleaners first. If these don't work, the type that requires a lot of rinsing, and perhaps even an extra scrubbing before a second rinsing, may have to be used.


When choosing a scrubber with a handle, make sure it fits comfortably in your hand. Remember that you'll likely have to use the product at different angles in the tub in order to get it clean. Some bathtub scrubbers have too small an opening in the handle to fit the fingers into comfortably, when turning the product at an angle is required. The hard plastic handle may dig uncomfortably into the skin.

If you pick a bathroom scrubber with a sponge on one side and an abrasive pad on the other, this will allow you to choose the amount of cleaning power you need. By using the sponge on the wet tub after a bath, you can usually keep it quite clean and easy to maintain this way. If a ring develops around the tub from the water fill point, the abrasive pad on a bathtub scrubber will often help remove it without too much effort required.


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