How Do I Choose the Best Bathroom Rug?

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To choose the best bathroom rug, consider the size and style of the rug, its features, and where it will be placed in the bathroom. Thinking about placement of the rug before making a purchase will help you to find a rug of the correct size and shape. The rug's features should also suit your needs and tastes, whether that means that the rug is reversible or that it has a slip-resistant rubber bottom. If you want to maintain a consistent décor in your bathroom, you may want to purchase a rug that matches the other rugs or coverings in the bathroom.

Whether the bathroom rug is going to be placed in front of the sink or next to the shower, it should be comfortable to stand on. Bathroom rugs are generally made out of soft materials, and for safety reasons, you should keep in mind that you should never use a rug with a slippery backing in the bathroom. Ideally, the rug will be made of a thick, water absorbent material that dries quickly, to prevent odor or mildew from developing between washings. For these reasons, you may want to choose a bathroom rug made with microfiber or even cork, rather than cotton.


Bathroom rugs are often produced with a rubber bottom. This is to prevent slipping in the event that water ends up on the floor of the bathroom as is common after showers or baths. Check the washing and drying requirements for a new rug, often found on a tag or label, before purchasing it. Most bathroom rugs with rubber bottoms can be safely placed in a home dryer after being washed, but check to be sure. Reversible bathroom rugs are also available that can be flipped over to an identical side. This kind of rug may not be as slip-resistant as a rug with a rubber bottom, however.

If you want the new bathroom rug to match the other rugs or various items in the bathroom, you might consider purchasing a bathroom rug set. These sets typically come in a package with three to five pieces and may include a standard rug, a toilet lid or tank cover, and a rug specially shaped to go around the bottom of the toilet. If you don't want to purchase an entire set of bathroom rugs, many styles or colors can be found for each individual piece with relative ease.


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