How do I Choose the Best Bathroom Organizer?

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The best bathroom organizer for your home is one that fits into your space to make needed items easy to access. For most bathrooms, several different types of organizers work best to keep everything neat and accessible. Depending on the storage options your washroom features, look for bathroom organizer options for drawers and cabinets as well as the wall, shower head and the space over the toilet.

Rather than a chunky wood shelving unit to place over the toilet, consider a bathroom organizer in an attractive metal. Since there are spaces between the rails in this type of shelving, no part of the bathroom is closed off, so the look is lighter and airier. Some over the toilet organizer units feature towel holders on the sides.

Stainless steel or chrome racks hung over the shower head can look attractive while also organizing a mess of plastic shampoo bottles into neat rows. This type of bathroom organizer can work wonders, as it eliminates the need to place bottles in the corners between the wall and tub. Look for a shower head organizer that will store the number of bottles needed at one time. Some of these organizers also have soap dish holders.


For walls, especially in small bathrooms, a combination shelf and towel bar can work well. This kind of bathroom organizer allows for some towels to be hung on the bar and others to be placed folded onto the top shelf. Glass shelves hung near or under the vanity mirror can be used to organize toothbrushes and the like placed in neat cups or holders to keep the counter top from being cluttered.

When looking for bathroom organizer options for cabinets, think about using not only the space under the sink area, but also the inside cupboard doors. For example, a wire frame that holds rolls of toilet paper can be extremely handy while still freeing up the main cabinet space. Pull-out wire drawer options that fit inside your under-sink cabinet can hold many different items from towels to extra beauty products.

Two main organizer options for bathroom drawers are individual, small rectangular bins or sectioned trays. Sectioned trays are often clear acrylic and work well to hold an assortment of cosmetics. Rectangular bins in either plastic or metal can be placed side-by-side or end-to-end in a drawer to create a custom bathroom organizer. These can hold many different items from nail clippers and tweezers to ointments and eye drops.


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