How do I Choose the Best Bathroom Curtains?

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When choosing bathroom curtains, it's best to keep the design and colors of the room in mind. Bathrooms are typically small in size and too many different looks can be overwhelming and seem uncoordinated. Whether you'd prefer printed or solid materials for bathroom curtains, make sure it's a color or pattern you'd like to see daily. Sewing your own window or shower curtain may be an option. Choose between matching curtains for the window and shower or select two different designs.

The advantages of picking matching curtains for the bathroom is that it can present an organized look in the small space. The disadvantage may be that it doesn't feel original or creative. If you first find bathroom curtains for either the window or the shower, you could then pick ones for the remaining item in a coordinating color. For instance, if the first curtains you've decided on are a printed design, choosing one of the colors for a solid curtain for the remaining bathroom feature can be a good idea. Coordinating two solid curtain styles can be easy if you stick to similar shapes and pick either a light or dark version of the same color.


Combining two different print fabrics in a bathroom can be done for a more creative or whimsical look. In order to avoid a mismatched appearance though, the main colors should be the same in both bathroom curtains. If the styles of the different prints are radically different even though they share similar colors, the look may still seem uncoordinated. For example, if bathroom window curtains are flouncy and sheer, a plain, heavy shower curtain can look like it doesn't belong in the same room.

Making bathroom curtains is an option that some people like to do to personalize their home. Using patterned or beautifully colored bed sheets can be a quick and easy way to accomplish this, although choosing material for the curtains in person at a fabric store often involves even more possible choices. Sewing curtains for bathrooms is usually easy enough for even a beginner at the craft. It's important to remember that for both homemade shower curtains and window coverings, a liner should be used. Water from the shower may cause cloth curtains to mildew. A neutral liner added to bathroom window curtain creations can keep a pattern or bright color from showing unattractively from the exterior view of a house.


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Post 2

I like simplicity and have tried to carry that all through my decorating. I have a small window in one bathroom and have gone with a simple bathroom curtain window treatment. I just have a valance at the top of the window and mini blinds below. I looked at several different bathroom curtain ideas, but this is the one that appealed to me the most.

I enjoy having the color of the valance, but the simplicity of the mini blinds.

Post 1

For some reason I have always loved having a window in the bathroom. All of the years that I lived in an apartment there was never a window in the bathroom. I was so excited when I bought my first house and could go shopping for bathroom curtain sets! I wanted something that matched the paint on the walls, but was not too fancy. It wasn't hard to find a large variety to choose from and I still enjoy looking outside the window first thing in the morning to see if the sun is shining or not!

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