How Do I Choose the Best Bass Drum Lessons?

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When choosing the best bass drum lessons, the most important things to consider include the instructor's proficiency on the instrument, the instructor's teaching skills and the type of bass drum playing style that you wish to learn. Cost and location can also be important factors when researching bass drum lessons. Another concern, especially when looking for the best lessons for children, is that the bass drum teacher has a good reputation in the community. Ultimately, getting the best bass drum lessons can come down to trying out different instructors and methods until you find one that is right for you.

Students need instructors with enough skill to help them improve their playing, but a new bass drum player does not need a highly advanced instructor to get started on the instrument. For a beginning student, a suitable instructor can simply be someone who knows how to play the drum well enough to give general instruction about its playing mechanics. Students who are already good at the instrument but seek guidance to improve to a professional level should seek individual attention from an instructor who specializes in bass drum lessons. Beginning bass drum players can often benefit from learning in a group setting, such as a bass drum class. An advanced student should opt for bass drum lessons with an instructor with considerable skill, since a skilled bass drum player is more likely to have experience and advice specific to advanced bass drum players.


Styles of bass drum lessons are generally considered to center on the musical genre and the playing technique. Students seeking to learn the standalone bass drum need different types of bass drum lessons than those needed by students who wish to become more proficient playing the bass drum in a kit. Common musical genres that use a bass drum as part of a kit are many, but include jazz, rock and country music.

The different types of bass drums are played using such differing techniques that seeking an instructor who specializes in your chosen type of bass drum can help you get more out of your bass drum lessons. When a bass drum is played in a kit, it is struck with a mechanized mallet, called a beater, which is attached to a pedal. Other types of bass drum are struck on either side using handheld mallets or struck directly with the hands and fingers. Genres that frequently use a bass drum that is struck by hand include classical music, marching music and polka-based music. An instructor who has experience playing in your genre of choice can give you specific pointers for playing that type of music.


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