How Do I Choose the Best Barrel Chair Slipcovers?

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Barrel chair slipcovers are handy furniture accessories that make it easy to protect the upholstery on your chairs, as well as offer the benefit of changing the look of the chairs from one season to the next. When purchasing slipcovers for your barrel chairs, it is important to keep several ideas in mind, in terms of the cost, the overall design and color scheme, and how well the slipcover fabric will hold up. Attention should also be given to the ease of cleaning and caring for the barrel chair slipcovers if you want to get the most from your purchase.

One of the first considerations when selecting barrel chair slipcovers is the type of material used to create the covers. Ideally, you want a fabric that is durable and resistant to staining. At the same time, the choice of material should feel comfortable and somewhat soft to the touch. Cotton and polyester blends are often a good option, although there are several blends composed of completely artificial fibers that may be a better selection, especially if there are children or pets in the home.


Along with the fabric, also pay close attention to the design and color of the barrel chair slipcovers. Covers that are equipped with a backing that helps to grip the upholstery are a great option, since the gripping helps the cover to stay in place. Elastic sections along the bottom of the covers will also make it easier to create a snug fit that is closer to the look of an actual upholstered piece. When it comes to color, consider using a secondary color that is already in the room, helping to bring out more of that hue in the overall look of the room, a strategy that will often add visual interest to the space.

Ideally, the barrel chair slipcovers you choose will be easy to clean. If possible, find durable covers that can be machine washed without losing their shape or fading the colors. Doing so makes it easier to quickly remove the cover when some type of spill takes place, wash the cover immediately, and have it emerge looking good as new.

As with most home purchases, cost is also a factor when choosing the right barrel chair slipcovers. Compare prices on different covers that have all the features that are right for your home. Don’t sacrifice quality for a lower price tag, as this will make it necessary to replace the covers more often. Instead, see the barrel chair slipcovers as an investment that will provide returns over several years. With that thought in mind, paying a little more for quality slipcovers will make it easier to pass up products that may look good today but will appear old and worn in six months time.


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