How Do I Choose the Best Barbecue Tongs?

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Shoppers who want to find the best barbecue tongs can look at the overall quality of each set of utensils, along with its shape and size, and how it will complement a grill set. By considering the needs of an particular cooking strategy, the buyer can get the right tools for the job to make outdoor cooking that much easier. Barbecue tongs are a critically important part of manipulating food on a grill, and it’s important to choose the best designs that will complement efficiency and safety for summer cookouts and other grilling.

In general, buyers should select the most durable barbecue tongs. This involves looking at the materials that are used. Many of the best designs use high-performance metal, while some inferior products may use cheap metal or cheap plastic parts. Buyers can get a sense of durability for barbecue tongs and other similar equipment through evaluating the reputation of the manufacturer offering these products.

Other critical issues for choosing the best barbecue tongs relate to the design of this utensil. Many of the best models have just the right amount of sensitivity to pressure, which means that when the cook squeezes on the handle, the two ends accurately come together and grip the food. Gripping food easily and securely is one of the main marks of a quality set of tongs. Some models have additional features built into the design to help the tongs grab and hold onto individual pieces of food.


In addition, the best barbecue tongs are easy to clean. Shoppers can try to avoid utensils that have unnecessary small nooks, and awkwardly sized interior surfaces that will accumulate food residue. Dishwasher safe models may also be a preferred type of barbecue tongs.

Buyers will often prefer barbecue tools that are easy to store when they’re not in use. Many of the best models have small holes with quality leather straps to help them hang from a kitchen rack. Buyers can look at the size of a set of barbecue tongs to evaluate its portability and ease of storage.

Another part of choosing the best tongs for grilling is to look for lightweight tongs that will feel good in the cook’s hand. Particularly with longer tongs, where the balance of weight is awkwardly distributed, heavier tongs can be uncomfortable to use. Cooks can test these items by holding them before purchase to see how they will feel in use.


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Post 3

@SteamLouis-- Don't worry, they thought about that one too! I have barbecue tongs with a locking feature. I can close it and lock it so that it stays closed in the drawer. It doesn't take up much space and doesn't make clutter.

I've yet to find one that is super easy to clean though. Almost all barbecue tongs, including the one I own, have indents where the food gets stuck and dries up by the time I can clean up. But my neighbor said that there are ones with silicone at the ends now that are much easier to clean. So if I can find one of those with the locking feature, it might just be the ultimate barbecue tongs.

Post 2

@discographer-- I agree with you. You would think that we could buy any old barbecue tongs at the store and be happy with them. But there really are so many things about tongs that can be annoying. What annoys me the most is that it takes up so much space in the kitchen drawer. Mine just fans out and takes over all of the space.

Post 1

There are surprisingly, so many things to consider when buying barbecue tongs. A few that I always pay attention to is the length of the tongs and what material the handles is made of. If the tongs are not long enough, the heat can become quite uncomfortable while grilling. And if the handle is made of stainless steel, then it can get very hot along with the rest of the tongs.

So long tongs with a wooden or plastic handle seems to be best. Of course it shouldn't be too wide or stiff either or it will be difficult to squeeze.

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