How Do I Choose the Best Barbecue Cover?

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In order to choose the best barbecue cover, shoppers should look at the quality and durability of each type of product, along with how well it will work with a particular barbecue grill. Barbecue grills kept outdoors need these kinds of covers to protect them from the elements, and preserve their usability and resale value. Even with quality powder coated steel surfaces, grills can rust without a cover. By understanding the range of barbecue covers available, shoppers can get the best solutions for their outdoor grill.

Generally, buyers look at how well a barbecue cover is made. This includes inspecting the integrity of the material, and the type of material that is used. Woven textiles, vinyl or polyester, and elements like polyvinyl chloride allow for sturdy design and longevity for barbecue grill covers. Inferior products might be made of cheaper plastics that can erode easily or tear under pressure.


Along with the durability of a barbecue cover, someone who’s planning to buy one of these accessories needs to figure out how well it will fit a particular grill model. The best barbecue cover is specially fitted for a specific size of barbecue grill. Some models that fit a range of sizes may not fit as well on a particular unit, especially where larger fully featured grills have unique shapes that need to be protected. For example, a barbecue grill with double burners that protrude from the grill barrel needs to have an effective barbecue cover that provides additional surface protection.

A tailored fit for a barbecue cover is a good idea for protecting a barbecue grill from the elements. Buyers can also choose superior models that contain additional features like brass grommets or ties. Rivets or grommets will accommodate fasteners to hold the cover onto the grill, and ties will tie around grill legs or other parts to make the fit more effective. Simple covers without ties might blow away easily, even in areas without extensive hurricane activity or frequent high winds.

Some manufacturers provide additional protections for the best barbecue cover designs. These include tear resistant designs, where hardy materials resist tearing, and UV stabilization, which helps to protect the cover from excessive light over time. The best products are often heat tested and optimized to prevent the sun’s light and heat from degrading the product over many months and even years outdoors.


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