How Do I Choose the Best Bald Haircuts?

Erin J. Hill

Choosing bald haircuts should be based primarily on your face shape, how much time you want to spend maintaining your look, and how much hair you have left. Most bald haircuts are short, so they move focus away from the areas where hair is missing. Some men even shave their heads completely bald. You should also make sure to take good care of your scalp, especially if you choose an extremely short style where it will be easily seen.

Women who are losing their hair may choose to wear their hair cut extremely short.
Women who are losing their hair may choose to wear their hair cut extremely short.

One factor you should take into consideration when choosing bald haircuts is the condition of your scalp. Since many haircuts for balding men leave much of the scalp within view, you'll want it to look its best if you go this route. To care for your scalp, make sure it stays moisturized and free of flakes or redness. Creams can also be applied to reduce the appearance of conditions like psoriasis or razor bumps.

The hygiene of one's scalp is important to consider for bald haircuts.
The hygiene of one's scalp is important to consider for bald haircuts.

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If you have a relatively proportioned head and face, a shorter haircut should work fine for you. You can use regular clippers to shave as close to the head as desired. Most cuts leave no more than an inch (2.5 cm) when using this style for balding men, but it's really up to you. Some leave a little longer hair toward the top of the head in what is known as a "Caesar" haircut. This style may have to be done by a barber or stylist.

Haircuts should be based on the shape of the face.
Haircuts should be based on the shape of the face.

Shorter styles are not the only suitable option as bald haircuts, assuming you still have enough hair to accomplish a medium length cut. These styles typically look better on those with only mild to moderate balding. A medium cut often looks best when it gives the hair a more voluminous look and feel. For instance, styles with the hair longer at the top or in the front can give the illusion of having more hair. You can also go with keeping a slightly shorter look and spiking it at the sides to add more definition.

If you have the money to spend, you can also get layered bald haircuts from a professional stylist. Layered cuts are good because they give the illusion of body and fullness, even in those with receding hair. Using a stylish will also give you the opportunity to get insight into what styles might look best with your face shape and hair type, since some types are more difficult to style in certain ways. Keep in mind that longer styles tend to be harder to maintain and style on a daily basis.

Women who are losing their hair should typically go with longer styles to hide any bald areas. This is much easier with women's hair than with men's, since women tend to have longer hair anyway. Brushing the hair to the side and styling it in layers can also give the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

Some men choose to shave their head completely bald.
Some men choose to shave their head completely bald.

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Discussion Comments


@ZipLine-- Shaved looks or really close cuts, like a buzz cut, works great on some men with receding hairlines. Of course, it also has to do with the shape of the skull and scalp. If the skull is evenly shaped, then it looks quite nice.

There are also some stick on wigs that people can glue onto their scalp to hide a receding hair line. I mean everyone can't shave their head, it doesn't work for all men with balding. Men with thick, dense hair in the back can benefit from a hair extension/wig at the front. The ones out there are not even noticeable, they look natural.


@discographer-- I don't think most men do that nowadays. I agree with you that it doesn't look very good but I also understand why it was common in the past. People used to be ashamed of their baldness. It was considered highly undesirable in the past. Now, I think that men with baldness or thinning hair are coming to terms with it and do not feel ashamed. That's how it should be.

I realized that bald haircuts can also look good after seeing some well known male celebrities sport them. For example, Bruce Willis has been sporting a shaved look since around 2000 and it looks great, it really suits him. The fact that he doesn't have hair does not take away from his looks or charisma whatsoever. So gone are the days when men tried to hide the bald areas on their scalp with excessively long hair or wigs.


The worst bald haircut has to be when men grow out the hair they have very long and then brush it over the bald areas to cover them and then keep it in place with hair gel. It looks bad. The intention is to hide the baldness, but it doesn't work. It's always obvious that the person has male pattern baldness and is trying to hide it.

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