How Do I Choose the Best Backyard Hot Tub?

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When selecting a backyard hot tub, consider the features that will mean the most to you. For instance, you can choose a model that includes a child-proof safety lock, or a complete package that includes the necessary accessories. It's a good idea to visit a spa showroom where you can look over every available model on display. Consider your backyard layout to choose the best dimensions for your backyard hot tub. The spa's exterior shell may be available in various materials and in a variety of colors, so it may coordinate with your backyard decor.

Don't choose a backyard hot tub that will take up the entire space of your yard. Ideally, you should have enough space for backyard furnishings and accessories. Before you go shopping, don't forget to take measurements of your backyard area where the hot tub will be installed.

If easy installation is a priority for you, choose a hot tub model that is self-contained. A self-contained hot tub will not require external plumbing, which can be an extra expense as well as more work for you. If you select the portable model, inquire how much weight the hot tub can support.


Consider the way the backyard hot tub is constructed. Many people choose a wood finish for the skirting of the hot tub. Wood skirting has certain advantages, such as the ability to coordinate with outdoor wood furniture. The downside, however, is that it might not withstand the outdoor elements, such as high winds or rain, even if coated with a quality protective sealant. Hot tub skirting made of polymer material will provide better protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays and heavy rain and snow.

Choose a backyard hot tub that is constructed of the most durable materials, and is made with a sturdy frame. The interior should be easy to maintain and clean. In addition, inquire if the interior of the spa is coated with some type of antimicrobial solution that will prevent bacterial growth.

An energy-saving backyard hot tub may be a top priority. If conserving water is essential to you, choose a hot tub that is rated as a high efficiency model. The energy-saving backyard hot tub does not necessarily have to be more expensive, so shop around.

Adequate insulation is a must when choosing your backyard hot tub. Urethane foam insulation is typically used in most backyard spas and hot tubs. If you prefer a hot tub to be insulated with environmentally friendly materials, you might consider having your hot tub custom built. If this is not an option, inquire if the insulation contains formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is not only dangerous for the environment, it may pose health risks for certain individuals as well.


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