How Do I Choose the Best Backyard Chicken Coop?

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If you are interested in raising chickens at your home, you might need to purchase or build a backyard chicken coop. Size, location, and cost are some of the factors you might consider. In addition, the safety of your chickens, your local climate, and desired features of the coop might be considered. It can also be wise to ensure you are following any local ordinances involving coop placement or design.

Yard size can be a key consideration when choosing the size of a backyard chicken coop, as well as how many chickens will be enclosed. Each chicken will need room to move around and lay eggs, and access to fresh air and sunshine are important as well. Ensuring that each of your chickens has enough room will generally result in happier, healthier chickens. The location of your backyard chicken coop is important for a variety of reasons. Safety from predators is highly important, as is protection from excessive wind and sun.

A variety of factors might affect the cost of your coop, such as whether you choose to construct one yourself or purchase a new model. Constructing one on your own does not necessarily mean you will save money. You might consider researching the cost of materials before choosing this option. Your focus should primarily be the safety and wellness of your chickens, while still staying within your budget.


The safety of your chickens will likely dictate the type of coop you have. A variety of predators and climates will warrant different styles and materials. Knowing the dangers in your area can be helpful to you in determining the appropriate model for your chickens.

Chickens should usually be kept in a dry and well-ventilated area. Your local climate will likely affect the type of backyard chicken coop you use. While open-air sides are sufficient in some climates, areas that experience heavy snow or rainfall might mean full enclosure.

There are a wide variety of features to consider when choosing a backyard chicken coop. Including nesting, roosting, and dust bathing areas for your chickens are all possibilities to examine. Other features of your coop might include a chicken run or clean bare spots for the chickens to rest.

Local ordinances might have an impact on your coop, as some areas have regulations you must follow. This information is usually obtained from the local government. Reviewing any regulations will help you determine whether your chosen size, design, and placement are permitted by your local government.


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