How do I Choose the Best Baby Slippers?

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Baby slippers, which may also be called baby booties, may be purchased as a practical item intended for everyday use. In addition, baby slippers which are handmade and personalized with a name monogrammed on them can make the perfect baby gift. Slippers can be purchased in clothing stores, department stores, online and in children’s boutiques. There are so many variations of baby slippers, it may be difficult to decide which ones to select.

Not only are they cute, but baby slippers can help keep your baby’s feet warm and protected, especially older infants who are always on the move. Slippers can be made from various types of materials, but be sure the slippers are soft inside to keep little feet comfortable. Soft-soled bottoms may be a good idea.

If the slippers will be used outside in colder weather, avoid booties which are crocheted or knitted. Instead, select a warmer material, such as fleece, cotton, leather or sheepskin. Not only are those materials warmer, they are more durable. In addition, babies are messy and slippers may need to be washed frequently. Slippers which are knitted may not hold up as well after a few washes.


Keep in mind the age and developmental level of the baby. Babies who are standing and learning to walk may benefit from a baby slipper which has a skid-proof material on the bottom. This will help prevent wobbly little feet from slipping. Older babies and toddlers may like fuzzy slippers which are made to resemble animals or cars.

Baby slippers which are easy to slip on will help save time and frustration with wiggly legs. Slippers which have side Velcro® snaps may be the easiest to get on and off. Some slippers may be marked by shoe size, others may be categorized by the age of the infant. It’s best to try the slippers on the baby’s feet if possible to be sure they are not too small. Since babies' feet grow so fast, getting slippers a little big may allow them to be worn longer.

Avoid slippers with bells and other small dangling attachments. Some baby slippers may have small balls made of yarn or other materials as a decoration on the slippers. Keep in mind babies often put things in their mouth. Although it may seem unlikely a baby will pull off an ornament on a baby slipper, it is possible and it’s better to be cautious.


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Well, baby slippers should be non slip definitely, so make sure of that.

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I found the best baby slippers online. They are cute and comfortable protect my baby from slip. Looks like socks but with rubber in the sole. my baby really likes them.

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