How do I Choose the Best Baby Shower Decorations?

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If you are planning a baby shower one of the key elements will be the decorations. To choose the best baby shower decorations, pick a theme or color scheme for the shower. Next, figure out what types of decorations you need to decorate the party space. Then, determine how much money to budget towards the decorations.

One of the first things you need to do is decide whether the color scheme and shower theme are going to be gender specific — pink for girls, blue for boys, or gender neutral — hues of yellows, greens and whites. If the parents-to-be do not know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, then you should probably go with a gender-neutral theme. Even if it is known that the baby is a boy or a girl, it is acceptable to choose colors and a theme that are neutral, but you can also choose a theme and colors specific for that gender, such as puppies for a boy or butterflies for a girl.

Sometimes the best baby shower decorations are the traditional ones. Safety pins, baby bottles, baby carriages, and nursery rhymes are a few examples of traditional decorating themes. These items can be used for decorating any baby shower whether as the sole theme or along with another one.


Review the party space to determine the number and type of baby shower decorations to use. There are many types of shower decorations to choose from, including banners, cut outs, wall decorations, and hanging decorations. Keep the space in mind when purchasing decorations to ensure that there is a place for everything and that you have enough supplies to adequately decorate the entire space.

Table linens and paper goods should match the shower theme or color scheme. Each table should have a centerpiece, either a pop-up cardboard decoration, flowers, or balloons. Balloons make good baby shower decorations and they are relatively inexpensive. Use the cake as a decoration, displaying it on its own table if space allows. If someone has made a diaper cake, it can also be displayed and used as a decoration.

When shopping for baby shower decorations, keep your budget in mind. Look for ways to stay within your budget. For instance, solid colored table cloths and streamers are usually less expensive than printed ones. Use solid colors that match the color scheme where you can, leaving the rest of your budget the for other, more specific decorations.


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