How Do I Choose the Best Baby Rugs?

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When decorating your baby's nursery, adding a rug or two can add warmth, color, and personality to the room. To choose the best baby rugs you first need to evaluate the room. Think about what kind of rug will best suit the room, measure the space to determine what size rug will fit properly, and consider the color scheme or decorating theme of the nursery.

Before purchasing a rug for the nursery, decide what type of rug will work best in the room. If the nursery has hardwood or tile floors, you might want to get a large area rug that will cover a large portion of the floor space, but if the room is already carpeted, accent rugs might be best. Measuring the room, and the areas where you are planning on placing the baby rugs will ensure that the rugs you purchase will fit in the room.

Instead of placing one large area rug in the center of the room, you might consider using several small baby rugs. For instance, you could place a half-circle rug in front of the changing table and a rectangular rug in front of the crib. A larger rug of any shape can be used for the center of the room, depending on the size of the room and furniture placement.


Choose a rug that will match the decor of the nursery or inspire a decor. If you find a rug you love, and your nursery hasn't been decorated yet, you can use the rug as the basis for your color choices and design theme. On the other hand, if the nursery has already been painted and decorated, choose baby rugs that will match, complement, or enhance the decor. For a nursery that has a number of decorative elements, a rug in a solid color can complement the theme and help keep the decor from becoming overwhelming.

Ease of care should be another consideration when choosing a rug for a baby's room. Look for rugs that are easy to vacuum and clean. Rugs that are machine washable are a plus since they are the easiest to keep clean.

It may make sense to purchase a rug that will grow with your child from infancy through the toddler years. This can be done by picking a rug that is neutral and without a baby themed design. For instance, a blue rug might match the nursery decor and be used for a toddler room as your child outgrows the nursery.


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