How do I Choose the Best Baby Conditioner?

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When choosing the best conditioner for a baby's hair, pick one that is specially made for a baby’s delicate skin and hair. A parent can choose a product that is made specifically for the baby’s hair texture, whether it is straight, curly, dry, fine or oily. You also should check the labels to make sure that the baby conditioner will not irritate the baby’s eyes. A baby will need a very soft and gentle conditioner with detangling properties. Adult hair products are too strong for young children and infants.

There are several types of baby conditioner products available, including spray-on and leave-in conditioners that help to detangle longer hair and all-natural conditioners that are rinsed out. Spray-on baby conditioner is applied to damp hair and often contains detangler ingredients to make hair combing and brushing easier on both the child and the parent. Baby conditioners made to be rinsed out often claim to be tear-free and will not irritate a baby’s eyes during rinsing.

Many baby hair products are made with all-natural ingredients. Herbal and all-natural baby conditioner will work well on babies who have extra-sensitive skin and those who easily get rashes from other chemically based baby products. These products also are great for families that are living a green lifestyle.


New parents can ask their pediatrician for a shampoo and baby conditioner recommendation. Pediatricians hear lots of feedback on all kinds of children's products, from toys to toiletries. A pediatrician can help parents pick the right baby conditioner for the child’s hair and skin type. A pediatrician might be especially helpful if the baby has allergies or existing skin conditions, such as cradle cap or eczema.

You should use a tiny amount of shampoo and baby conditioner the first few times a baby’s hair is washed. Then, you should watch for any allergic reactions to the hair products. A baby needs to have his or her hair shampooed and conditioned only once or twice a week, because anything more than that can irritate the baby's sensitive skin.

Dry hair can be washed less and conditioned a bit more if you feel that it is necessary. Oily hair might need to be washed a little more often but not conditioned each time. You can try out different baby conditioner products and hair washing routines to find the best ones for the baby.


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Unscented conditions are also good to use on babies and young children. Sometimes scented items also cause delicate skin to be irritated or itchy.

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I think that organic baby hair conditioner is the best type for babies' delicate skin. Products that are made from natural, organic ingredients are less likely to cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

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