How do I Choose the Best Ayurvedic University?

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Ayurveda is a holistic form of healing that was first practiced in India between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago. This medical system focuses on life energies that are particular to each individual as opposed to treating the symptoms associated with certain illnesses. In order to choose the best ayurvedic university, you first should determine which goals you hope to achieve in the university. It may also be important to consider practical matters such as cost and location of the university.

Many proponents of this holistic medical system believe the best kind of ayurvedic university to be one in which students learn both diagnostic and health assessment skills. This kind of university may also offer students a well rounded understanding of the many ayurvedic treatments, as well as an ability to judge the effectiveness of those treatments on individuals to whom the treatments are prescribed.

Many people attend ayurvedic universities in order to become ayurvedic practitioners. Others attend ayurvedic classes in order to learn a little more about the medical system, though they may not have yet decided if they will become practitioners. If you only want to learn about this practice, it might be a good idea to find an ayurvedic university that offers introductory courses or free seminars and lectures. This is a good way to become more acquainted with this ancient form of healing.


In some locations there are official ayurvedic certifications. These certifications may be monitored and approved by nationally or internationally recognized ayurvedic associations. It may also be possible to find an ayurvedic university that offers courses which may count toward nursing or other degrees in the health care field. Those who have a particular degree or certification in mind can find out which ayurvedic universities offer these awards from their respective informational sources, such as pamphlets and websites.

In order to find the best ayurvedic university, it is also important to consider location. A university located near you may be a good place to start. If you are not near a university that offers ayurvedic training, you may want to find a school that is in a location or environment where you do not mind commuting or living. Some ayurvedic courses may be offered online, though many of the fully certified programs must be taken at designated locations.

Finally, there is much variety among ayurvedic universities when it comes to cost. The best choice may that which allows you to get the training you need without building debt. For others, loans from institutions or individuals may be the best method for paying for this training.


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