How do I Choose the Best Ayurvedic Spa?

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Ayurvedic spas offer a range of services and treatments based on this ancient Indian and Sri Lankan science of life. Those interested in visiting an ayurvedic spa will want to ensure it offers the services they are interested in. Location, founder and staff experience, and cost are also factors in choosing an ayurvedic spa.

When choosing an ayurvedic spa, the spa goer will want to consider her goals for the visit. The spa goer may have health or medical issues she would like to have addressed, and should look for a spa that offers treatments for those conditions. A spa goer may look for services such as pancha karma purification treatments, marma point manipulation, color and gem therapy, or another ayurvedic therapy.

Another spa goer may wish to improve general wellness and relaxation, and she may look for a spa with strong ayurvedic massage, yoga, and meditation programs. Some spa goers will appreciate ayurvedic beauty treatments, such as ayurvedic facials, and a spa that provides those treatments will be a top choice. Certain spas allow clients to immerse themselves in ayurveda, while at other spas clients simply sample a treatment or two. An ayurvedic hotel or spa may offer educational programs in ayurvedic principles in addition to treatments.


Ayurvedic spas have been founded and staffed by people with varying skills, experiences, and philosophies. A particular founder may intrigue some spa goers. Others may wish to explore a particular philosophy and will look for a spa whose founder holds those beliefs. The spa's staff should have adequate training in the services they provide.

Spas are located throughout the world and in a variety of climates. India offers many authentic ayurvedic spas. Other nations, such as the U.K., Australia, and the U.S., are also home to ayurvedic spas. The spa goer may wish to consider the season and climate of the prospective spa. Those near the equator will usually have consistent weather, while a spa located in a region that is some distance from the equator may have weather that changes dramatically with the seasons.

Many ayurvedic spas offer food that is aligned with the three types of vital energies, also known as the doshas. The food is often vegetarian, and choices may be limited to the spa goer's dosha type. Some spas will not have coffee or alcoholic beverages available. A spa goer may wish to understand the menu and determine if she is comfortable with it before choosing her destination.

The cost of the spa, services, tips, and travel are important considerations when choosing an ayurvedic spa. Many spas are very luxurious, whereas others will be more affordable. Spa goers on a budget may wish to look for the more affordable spas or for off-season discounts.


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