How Do I Choose the Best Ayurvedic Cream?

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Ayurvedic cream is derived from a mixture of herbs, oils, and spices, and it is a common form of treatment in traditional Indian medicine. There are a variety of uses for this type of cream, the most common being for skin ailments and impurities. The best type of ayurvedic cream that you can choose essentially depends upon what ailment you are treating. Since the concoctions are often made from herbs, you might consider consulting with your physician prior to use in order to prevent adverse skin reactions.

Originating from ancient India, the practice of ayurveda consists of a combination of herbal medicines and lifestyle changes to promote better health. Although ayurveda has been in practice for thousands of years, it is still considered as a type of alternative medicine by many western physicians. Ayurvedic medicine often utilizes herbal products, such as skin creams to help to balance your cells and relieve particular problems that you are experiencing.


Skin creams are widely available in both traditional and ayurvedic medicine for a variety of conditions. Simple cosmetic creams help to treat acne, under-eye circles and wrinkles, and they also generally replenish your skin with any lost moisture. The difference between ayurvedic creams and drug store versions is that the latter often contains chemicals. A traditional ayurvedic cream will instead consist of plant-based ingredients made from herbs and oils. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States estimates that ayurvedic practitioners utilize over 600 herbs and 250 single plants for a variety of treatments.

Aside from common skin ailments, other types of ayurvedic creams are used for other body problems. Some products are used for breast and sexual enhancers, while others help to reduce white spots on the skin. There is even a protective form of ayurvedic cream available in the form of natural sunscreen.

While you can purchase ayurvedic cream on the market, many consumers prefer the occasional application of such products through a practitioner who is experienced in this type of natural medicine. Ayurveda professionals offer skin creams during the process of facials as well as therapeutic massages. In order to ensure that you will receive the utmost in care, ensure that the particular specialist is educated and certified in the ayurvedic field.

Natural medicines, such as ayurveda, are often touted as safe and effective for most patients. Due to the power and efficacy of plants and herbs, you should exercise just as much caution as you would towards any other type of medicinal remedy. Such products have the propensity to cause reactions, such as rash and dryness, as do many types of chemicals in traditional creams. Discontinue using an ayurvedic cream if it causes any unwanted side effects.


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