How do I Choose the Best Ayurvedic Beach Resort?

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Many people choose to spend vacation time relaxing as well as improving their health, and ayurvedic beach resort options are often high on the list of desirable destinations. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best ayurvedic experience, such as the location of the resort, the estimated cost to the consumer, and the services offered to guests during their visit. Ayurveda care is an ancient health and medical practice originating in India thousands of years ago which emphasizes holistic care of the body, mind, and spirit. Practitioners of this tradition treat each patient or client individually with treatments, diets, and tonics specially designed for the person's needs. Guests to an ayurvedic spa can expect to enjoy the standard accommodations of a hotel and spa in addition to ayurvedic therapy and treatments.

One of the first factors to consider when choosing an ayurvedic beach resort is the location of the facility. Some of the finest establishments can be found in India and surrounding countries, but not everyone is able or willing to travel that far. Travelers can research closer to home options on the Internet, from a qualified travel agent, or in books and magazines. It is possible to experience an ayurvedic vacation within the traveler's own country or region in many cases.


Like other vacation or holiday choices, travelers will find there is often a huge difference in prices between the prestigious ayurvedic beach resort options and lesser known spas. Travel experts suggest that the largest difference in the expensive hotels and resorts compared to the less pricey options is the number of services offered and the size of the facility. A cheap ayurvedic beach resort is not necessarily inferior to the more expensive resorts. The cheaper choice may be in a less convenient location, or much smaller than other resorts. In order to make the proper selection, the traveler will have to consider his or her budget, expectations of the experience, and factor in consumer ratings.

Most ayurvedic beach resort facilities offer a list of services that are extended to their clients, as well as information about individual and package pricing. Massage, specialized diets, and herbal treatments are commonly available at these resorts, as well as yoga classes and other wellness therapies. When choosing the most appropriate ayurvedic beach resort, many people are looking for specific services. Information pertaining to the offered services can be found on the resort's website or other promotional material, and may also be available through a travel agency.


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Post 3

For anyone who has a chance to visit India I would highly suggest getting down to the beach resort in Kerala and try their ayurvedic treatments. The beach resort Kovalam offers a huge variety of services and prices are much cheaper than you would find in the west.

My friends and I stayed at the Kovalam beach resort for a few days and while we weren't specifically looking for ayurvedic treatments, once we learned what they were we decided to give them a go. You would be amazed at how refreshed you feel afterwards. You can also try some ayurvedic yoga to really get yourself feeling back on track.

Post 2

@lonelygod - I would definitely say that an ayurveda diet works, but like anything it depends on how much effort you put into it. If you are going to the Somatheeram ayurvedic beach resort they have an amazing selection of vegetarian dishes that are sure to help you drop the pounds. An ayuryeda diet is all about finding balance in your body and eating foods that are considered balancing. An example would be eliminating bitter fruits.

As far as treatments go for weight loss most places do have a slimming package, usually something like a medicated herbal powder massage that is supposed to help you lose excess fat. The treatments are expensive though and I haven't tried them myself.

Post 1

I have been considering visiting an ayurveda beach resort and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the food they serve?

My friend was telling me that an ayuryeda diet can help me slim down a bit, but before I spend a small fortune tailoring my vacation towards something like this I really want to do my research and see if it works. There are a lot of random new age health claims going on these days, and I would hate to waste money. Also, are there any ayurveda treatments for weight loss? I am willing to pay if the treatment is proven to work.

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