How Do I Choose the Best Audio Mixer?

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When choosing an audio mixer, you should look for a mixer that has sufficient audio input and output connections for your needs. This can include standard audio connections that can be used with various musical instruments and microphones, as well as connections to recording equipment. If you want to use your mixer with a computer and software, then you should consider an audio mixer that includes one or more universal serial bus (USB) ports to easily connect to a computer. You might also consider mixer hardware that can work with any mixer software you want to use, or a package that includes both.

An audio mixer is a device that can be used to adjust and mix audio input during the recording of audio, which can include music, sound effects, and spoken words captured by a microphone. This term is often used interchangeably to refer to hardware that is used in sound recording and mixing, as well as software that can be used in much the same way. You should consider both hardware and software for audio mixing, and choose the method that you can most easily use. An audio mixer program usually includes an interface that acts as a virtual mixer, allowing you to adjust audio quality and effects from within the program, which can be used directly or adjusted through a connected mixing board.


One of the first things you should consider and look for in an audio mixer is the number of input connections you need. If you want a mixer to use for recording voice work, for singing or voice over for film or television, then you may only need a few input connections. On the other hand, if you want to record a full rock band or multiple artists at once, then you need sufficient connections for all of the instruments and microphones. As you add inputs, however, the cost of an audio mixer often increases as well, so you should choose a mixer that meets your needs without greatly surpassing them.

You should also consider any effects that can be applied to audio through the audio mixer you choose, as this can help you make certain tasks easier. Depending on the type of audio recording you are doing, you should also ensure that the mixer can handle as many audio channels as you wish to utilize. If you want to use an audio mixer board with a computer, then you might choose one that includes one or more USB ports and connections. This can make it easier for you to mix audio utilizing both a physical mixer and a software program to facilitate the process.


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