How Do I Choose the Best Atomic Watch?

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There are several features that you should look for when choosing which atomic watch to purchase. Several subjective attributes of the watch can be important, such as style, the material it made of, and a few attributes unique to an atomic watch that can affect overall performance. An atomic watch is a watch that keeps highly accurate time through a radio signal link to an atomic clock located at a central location. The best types of atomic watch will feature automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments, daily time and date signal adjustments, and any features suited to your intended use of the watch.

As with most watches, you can find atomic watches made from a variety of materials, from steel and titanium to molded plastic. The body of the watch may feature a sturdy metal or plastic housing with a cloth or leather wristband, or the entire watch may be made from metal or plastic. If you plan to use the piece as a dress watch or as a piece of casual wear, a polished metal housing and wristband may be the most appropriate style. For a watch that you plan to use during physical exercise, a plastic housing with a cloth wristband may be the best choice as the plastic will not scratch or blemish like metal, and the cloth wristband can offer more flexibility during training sessions.


The most important feature of an atomic watch is its ability to receive and process the radio signal link from the centrally located atomic clock. Most atomic watches feature a dual timing mechanism. One mechanism keeps time in the same way as any other ordinary watch while the other mechanism processes the radio signal from the atomic clock to accurately adjust the displayed time down to the microsecond. Find a watch that offers at least daily updates by radio link, though there are atomic watches that update more frequently. Some top-tier atomic watches will update on a nearly continuous basis, but be aware that this is often not necessary, since the regular time-keeping mechanism in any watch can keep accurate time for at least 24 hours.

Other factors that you need to consider when choosing an atomic watch depend on the primary use you intend for the watch. If you plan to use the watch as an accessory for athletic training, you will need to find one that is shock proof, water resistant, and that features a stop watch or a countdown timer. If you need the watch for casual, everyday use, make sure that it features a prominent display for the day, time, and date as well as a light for dim or night viewing.


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