How do I Choose the Best ATM Rental?

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There are many things to consider when you are trying to choose the best automated teller machine (ATM) rental. You may decide the best option is one that includes free installation, monitoring, and technical support. Cost may also play a role in your decision, and you may prefer the least expensive rental. Depending on your business needs and status, you may prefer a rental you can stock with your own cash, or you may need the rental company to keep the ATM filled with money. If you will be serving customers at fairs and events, you may also prefer a model that is portable and wireless.

Installation and monitoring requirements may be among the most important considerations when you are trying to choose the best ATM rental. You may prefer to choose a rental that comes with free installation, so you won’t have to worry about getting it up and running on your own. You may also desire a rental that comes with monitoring and technical support. This way, you will know that help is readily available if you need it.


Cost may be another critical factor when you are trying to choose the best ATM rental. You will probably prefer the ATM rental that carries the lowest rental fee. In some cases, you may even prefer an ATM that is practically free. For example, some rentals do not charge the renter money, but collect ATM user surcharges as payment. If you want to collect the surcharge, however, you may be content to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the chance to make money each time a person withdraws money from the ATM rental.

You may also consider how the machine will be stocked with cash when you are trying to choose the best ATM rental. If you can handle the cash outlay, you may prefer to stock the machine with cash on your own. Often, this means you will spend less on the rental and possibly earn more money on each transaction. If you do not have the funds to stock the machine, however, you may prefer an ATM company that keeps the machine stocked with cash.

The location in which an ATM rental will be placed may also influence your choice of the best rental. If you are in need of an ATM for a special event, fair, or temporary location, for example, you may prefer an ATM rental that is compact and portable. Additionally, you may prefer an ATM rental that doesn’t require access to a phone line, as phone lines may not be readily accessible in all locations. Wireless models often offer the greatest convenience.


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We were at a street festival in NY and the ATM company was Green Genie ATM. (i couldn't forget that name. so cute) Anyway, they must have had wireless there since the ATMs were in the middle of the street. I saw a power cord wrapped up the telephone pole, but that was it. I'd have to agree that wireless is amazing!

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