How do I Choose the Best ASVAB Tutoring?

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The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is an exam often taken by individuals who wish to enlist in the United States military. While many divisions of the military do not actually require this test prior to enlistment, an individual who takes it and scores well may have an easier time moving up the ranks. Some divisions, such as the Navy SEALs, do require this exam prior to entrance. ASVAB tutoring is utilized by individuals who wish to improve their scores or develop a greater understanding of the nine sections of the exam. In order to choose the best ASVAB tutoring, you may want to consider factors such as the areas of the test in which you need the most help, the method by which you prefer to receive the tutoring, and the amount you would like to spend on a tutoring service.

The ASVAB test is divided in nine different sections, such as Mathematics Knowledge and Mechanical Comprehension. Individuals preparing to take the test often seek ASVAB tutoring that focuses on particular sections. Others may feel that tutoring which comprises the nine different subjects equally would better suit their needs. In order to choose the best tutoring service, it might be helpful to look at sample questions from each of the parts of the exam in order to determine in which areas you could most benefit from ASVAB tutoring.


Many aspiring military officials feel that the best ASVAB tutoring is that which teaches them general test-taking skills. The exam is made up of multiple choice questions, which some test takers find to be more troubling than more open-ended assessment methods like short answer and essays formats. If you are worried about your ability to score high in a multiple choice format, you may want to find a tutor who can assist you in learning methods such as deductive reasoning and educated guessing, which are often applied to multiple choice tests.

Most ASVAB tutoring occurs either online or in person. Online tutoring is often less expensive and may also lead to a great degree of flexibility in terms of finding times to meet since finding a good location for sessions is not an obstacle. Some students, on the other hand, find that it is easier for them to process information when they work with an individual one-on-one.

Tutoring services vary in terms of cost. In order to choose the best, it may be helpful to determine the average cost for ASVAB tutoring and then decide on a reasonable budget. Factors such as the skills and experience of prospective tutors as well as the length and frequency of tutoring sessions may be factors that impact a tutor's rates.


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