How do I Choose the Best Asian Coffee Table?

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When you're choosing the best Asian coffee table, take time to view different styles, shapes and colors before making your final decision. The right Asian coffee table for your living space should complement your interior design, but also bring some exotic appeal to the room. Although Asian coffee tables tend to share a look of drama combined with sophistication, there are many different varieties from which to choose.

Contemporary Asian coffee tables tend to be artistic mixes of glass and steel. If you have a modern loft or like industrial-looking furniture, this type of Asian coffee table may be best. The shapes vary, but they are typically geometrical with the glass top surrounded by metal. In a contemporary table, there may be a lower shelf or a more innovative storage approach such as metal side pockets.

Some modern Asian coffee tables are made of shiny laminate or are plastic and feature step-like shelves that differ in size to create an interesting multi-layered design. These types of tables are often available in black or white and tend to mix in well with more informal, contemporary living room looks. If you choose a multi-layered, plastic, modern Asian coffee table, it's a good idea to carefully select items to display on it, since the design is layered, but still minimalistic.


If your decor is more traditionally ethnic than exotically modern, an old world Asian coffee table with hand painted artwork may create an interesting focal point in your living room. Some of the designs on this type of Asian coffee table are detailed, hand painted figures. The table itself may be made of shiny black lacquered, or dark solid, wood.

Plain Asian coffee tables are also available in beautiful dark woods. These tables are often smooth and non-detailed in texture, but often feature one dramatic detail such as cutout slats or curved legs. The classic type of wooden Asian coffee table has a square top on crescent moon-shaped legs that curve outward. The style is simple, but also dramatic and will fit in well with many living room decors.

For a dash of color in your living room, a red lacquered Asian coffee table can stand out attractively. This look can be the best choice if you carefully add red in other parts of your living room. It may take some experimentation with accent pieces and fabrics to get the look just right.


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