How do I Choose the Best Art Deco Wall Sconces?

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Choosing art deco wall sconces provides a unique opportunity to add a touch of vintage class to any home. While some art deco lighting fixtures can appear kitschy when placed in domestic contexts, there are many subtler art deco wall sconces that are quite beautiful. There are a number of things to consider when choosing wall light fixtures from this era, including style, wiring, and price. Also, it is possible to choose either reproductions or true vintage items, and both have their advantages. In the end, the best art deco wall sconces are the ones that are the best fit for a specific project, which means that there is no single best kind.

Art deco is a term typically used to describe a highly ornamental style characterized by distinctive lines and the appearance of opulence. These features are readily apparent in art deco wall sconces. Choosing sconces that exhibit these design features can be as simple as finding sconces that are labeled as art deco, but many lighting fixtures fit this style without being called art deco lighting. As such, it is a good idea to search catalogs, stores, and other general lighting retailers to see what kind of art deco lighting is available.


One thing to consider when choosing art deco wall sconces is whether to get a true vintage item or a reproduction. Reproductions can be cleaner, sturdier, and sometimes even safer, but vintage items often are truly unique. If one does decide to get true vintage sconces, it is very important to make sure that the wiring is compatible with what one has in one's home. Also, when purchasing antique items, it can be difficult to find an entire matching set if one needs multiple sconces. A reproduction may not have the same historical value, but it is usually much easier to work with.

Basic considerations, such as how the color and light will look in a room, are still relevant to choosing art deco wall sconces. The way light shines from a wall sconce can change the feel of a room entirely, as can the color of light that comes through the sconce. Other design considerations include the size of the sconce and the shape in relation to other items in the room. If possible, it is a good idea to use a picture of the sconce and attempt to imagine how it will look when affixed to the wall. Using this method, one can build a mental image of the finished design of the entire room.


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