How Do I Choose the Best Aqua Jogging Belt?

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Aqua jogging, which is jogging done in the water, is known for providing a workout without putting much pressure on the joints. Aside from a swimming pool and swimwear, all you need to start is an aqua jogging belt, which can keep you buoyant and supported while you jog through the water. One of the first details to think about is the size of the aqua jogging belt, because there are a few sizes available to provide the proper fit. You also should make sure the material and shape of the belt are both comfortable for you to wear while you exercise; it should be soft and adjustable. Additionally, the appearance of aqua jogging belts may matter to you, especially if you plan to wear it in a public pool.

There are a few sizes of aqua jogging belts that are usually available, allowing this workout accessory to fit nearly anyone. The description of the aqua jogging belt should mention a range of waist sizes that it fits, so choose the one that would work best for your body. Some brands also make separate belts for males and females, in which case the design and fit may be slightly different. In addition, you may be able to find a belt that is specifically designed for both petite adults and children, so look for this type if your waist is shorter than most. If possible, try on the belt before buying it, because not all belts fit everyone the same.


Most aqua jogging belts are made of soft foam so they are comfortable and provide buoyancy in the water. Some are more padded than others, though, so you'll likely want to consider this aspect before buying an aqua jogging belt. The one you choose should have enough padding to make it comfortable without being too thick, because you have to move your arms back and forth while you walk or jog through the water, and they will likely end up rubbing against overly thick foam. In addition, try to get a belt that is adjustable so you can tighten it or loosen it a bit as needed.

Appearance is another consideration, especially if you plan to be seen in this item at a public pool or gym. There is a range of colors to choose from, and you may be able to find designs to make the material look a bit more interesting. Before you buy an aqua jogging belt, you also may want to find out if there are matching accessories, such as arm weights or dumbbells, which you can use while working out in the water. This way, all of your water workout accessories can match.


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